Alliance, Ohio, Relies on Summit Releaf for Non-Opioid Pain Control & Relieving Anxiety & Nausea

By Fiona Vernon

For thousands of years, humans relied on plants and natural resources for healing, including the hemp plant. Individuals from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, to Wooster, Ohio, who are in search of alternatives to prescription medications can take advantage of the benefits of medical cannabis with one phone call to Summit Releaf. This local medical marijuana clinic’s certified medical marijuana doctors provide evaluations for those who meet the qualifying conditions for medical marijuana and want to apply for or renew their Ohio marijuana card. They even offer marijuana card discounts for veterans and those on disability. Whether someone in Alliance, Ohio, needs non-opioid pain control to relieve neuropathy or arthritis pain or another in Tallmadge, Ohio, wants to relieve nausea and anxiety related to their cancer diagnosis, Summit Releaf ( helps their patients find all-natural treatments for chronic pain management.

Science has proven that Cannabis Sativa plant is an effective all-natural treatment for a vast array of medical conditions. Researchers have identified biological components, called cannabinoids, that bind to receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system and are responsible for regulating many processes in the body. Individuals from Wooster to Alliance with chronic or acute illnesses can live as normal a life as possible when they discover the benefits of medical cannabis. The opioid epidemic has caused the very people who require pain medication to perform daily activities to suffer from the laws that have restricted doctors from prescribing it; however, finding non-opioid pain control is easy with one phone call to Summit Releaf. People who started visiting certified medical marijuana doctors for evaluations when the laws changed find that it’s time to renew their Ohio marijuana card. Regardless of where they registered for their card last year, they can rely on Summit Releaf to help fill out their paperwork for them and get the card in their hands the very same day. This local medical marijuana clinic even offers discounts for veterans and individuals who are on disability.

Ohio has recognized 21 conditions that allow individuals from Tallmadge to Cuyahoga Falls to qualify for legal medical marijuana, from anxiety and chronic pain management to cancer and the relief of nausea from chemo treatments. Chronic pain from neuropathy and arthritis can be relieved, whether it’s from diabetes or autoimmune diseases. Studies show that marijuana extracts helped patients require less prescribed pain medicine. THC and other cannabinoids were also shown as effective at slowing the growth of or killing certain types of cancer cells. The goal is to age with grace and while it results in wisdom, it doesn’t have to be painful. The certified medical marijuana doctors at Summit Releaf are the first step to discovering alternatives to prescription medications.

The public is finally realizing the benefits of medical cannabis. They are updating laws and making it available to people who are looking for alternatives to prescription medications for issues such as relieving cancer symptoms, like nausea and anxiety, and for chronic pain management due to issues related to neuropathy and arthritis pain. Everyone from Tallmadge, Ohio, to Wooster, Ohio, who finds that they have one of the qualifying conditions for medical marijuana can visit the certified doctors at Summit Releaf for an evaluation and discounts on Ohio marijuana cards if they are a veteran or on disability. This local medical marijuana clinic helps patients affected by restrictions on pain killers obtain forms of non-opioid pain control. Anyone from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, to Alliance, Ohio, wanting to continue enjoying their all-natural treatments can rely on Summit Releaf ( to renew their Ohio marijuana card.

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