Akers Signs Discusses the Value of Electronic Message Centers for Businesses in Wooster, Ohio and Beyond

By Gemma Chriss

Akers Signs_LED LogoThe U.S. Small Business Administration notes that in today’s competitive business environment, having good commercial signage is crucial for one’s success. Though sign companies have a number of options from which to choose, studies have shown that LED signs are especially effective when it comes to reaching a broader audience. Having installed LED displays for countless businesses throughout Wooster, Ohio; Lakewood, Ohio; Tallmadge, Ohio; and beyond, Akers Signs is quick to point out that electronic message centers often deliver a greater return on one’s investment than standard displays. To better assist those in need of new signage, Akers Signs offers an in-depth look at EMCs and the benefits of installing such a unit on one’s property.

akers-signs_led1One of the biggest advantages of electronic message centers is that they’re significantly more flexible than standard displays. The LED signs available from Akers allow businesses to send out whatever messages they want to passersby, from public service information to upcoming specials. The software gives businesses greater control over their advertising, so they can communicate with others in the community how and when they want. Switching messages is quick and easy, making it possible for businesses to send out last-minute notices to potential customers.

akers-signs_led2These LED signs are also more effective than traditional forms of commercial signage because they attract the attention of passersby. The U.S. Small Business Administration states that motorists have only seconds to glance at a sign before they pass it, so the sign must stand out. Electronic message centers do this by using bright colors, large fonts, and flashing words. The fact that LED displays are illuminated also means that they’re visible at a greater distance than standard signs, giving motorists additional time to read them.

akers-signs_led3Finally, those who invest in an EMC from a reputable sign company like Akers Signs will discover that the initial expense is outweighed by the increase in business and lack of maintenance costs. Studies done on LED signs show that such products almost always increase a business’ share of revenue. Not only can they encourage motorists throughout Wooster, Lakewood, Tallmadge, and beyond to stop at a specific location, but help change customers’ buying habits once they’ve visited the business. And because the business is able to make any necessary changes, such commercial signage results in “lower labor cost and elimination of the physical liabilities often associated with copy changes on traditional reader boards.”

akers-signs_led4Since electronic message centers can benefit a wide variety of businesses, those interested in obtaining commercial signage are encouraged to learn more about them. A visit to Akers Signs’ website at www.akerssigns.com or www.akersled.com can offer additional information about LED displays and the options that are available. Those with specific questions can also contact this sign company directly by calling 330.493.0055. Akers’ team is well versed in the subject of LED signs and happy to help businesses in Wooster, Ohio; Lakewood, Ohio; Tallmadge, Ohio; and beyond find the right one for their needs.

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