AJ’s Transmissions in Akron, Ohio, Provides Free Foreign & Domestic Transmission Diagnostics

By Fiona Vernon

Whether someone in Alliance, Ohio, noticed that their check transmission light was on and fluid on the ground where their Nissan Maxima was last parked or the proud owner of a Ford F-150 noticed that his vehicle is not shifting smoothly and it’s grinding when shifting gears, AJ’s Transmissions provides affordable foreign and domestic diesel and high-performance transmission repairs and rebuilds. AJ’s Transmissions hears every day how trustworthy they are from their customers, which is a testament to how they have grown through their 25 years of serving the Akron, Ohio, community. This local transmission shop not only provides car repair financing because they know not everyone from North Canton, Ohio, to Malvern, Ohio, has a rainy-day fund, but they also provide free transmission diagnostics to help prevent cars from breaking down this summer during the most inopportune moments.

Stop and go traffic is hard on a transmission but cannot be helped; however, driving at high speeds in hilly areas with sudden stops and constantly changing gears can cause more wear and tear than necessary. This can damage the drivetrain and result in costly repairs. Transmission fluid should be flushed about every 100,000 miles, which can make a considerable difference in performance in the hot summer months. One of the most important things that anyone can do to prevent their car from breaking down this summer when they are driving in new places is to be aware of how and where they are driving. The professionals at AJ’s Transmissions can help anyone from Alliance to Akron who are going on a long trip to stay safe with transmission maintenance. This local transmission shop won’t merely check the fluid, but they will also replace the necessary filters and perform manufacturer recommended maintenance.

Drivers from Malvern to North Canton who have vacations approaching and want to get their vehicle into perfect shape can call or stop by AJ’s Transmissions for free transmission diagnostics. Issues can be present even if the check transmission light is not on, so if a driver notices red or pink fluid on the ground where they last parked their Honda, and their vehicle is not shifting very smoothly, it’s slipping, or it’s grinding when shifting gears, they need to determine from where the leaking is coming. If the leak is left unattended, eventually the car will not move at all. This local transmission shop is not only extremely knowledgeable about diesel and high-performance transmissions, but they also know their way around foreign and domestic transmission repairs and rebuilds — including Chevrolet, BMW, Mazda, Nissan, Kia, Hyundai, and many more. Their customers tell them daily how their car repair financing and compassionate, educated handling of their customers’ issues has eased any stress that they may have had with a broken-down vehicle. Laura Adkins had this to say:

”Best transmission repair around. Great service. Honest and reasonable.”

Summer is the time when adventurers go off at full speed to enjoy vacations in various parts of the world. It’s tempting to pick up and go, but a few steps can be taken to ensure everyone’s safety and possibly prevent cars from breaking down this summer. Vacationers from North Canton, Ohio, to Alliance, Ohio, venturing out to find their summer thrills need to make sure that their vehicle’s routine maintenance is up-to-date, especially with the transmission being one of the components that is easily damaged in the excessive heat of the season. AJ’s Transmissions is ready to help drivers from Akron, Ohio, to Malvern, Ohio, be prepared with a car that is in great shape with affordable transmission repairs and rebuilds — whether someone has heard grinding when shifting gears, clicking when turning the steering wheel, seen fluid on the ground where it was last parked, or their vehicle has not been shifting smoothly lately. Whether the check transmission light is illuminated or not, this local transmission shop offers free diesel, high-performance, domestic, and foreign transmission diagnostics, as well as car repair financing, to get people safely to their destinations with family and friends.

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