AJ’s Transmissions in Akron, Ohio, Offers Clutch Replacements & Diesel Work to Prepare a Vehicle for Winter

By Fiona Vernon

Drivers shopping for a vehicle a decade ago used to expect to get a car with a manual transmission and pay more if they preferred to drive an automatic. Modern times now have individuals paying more for a manual transmission if they are buying a new vehicle. Those who prefer a stick shift love the advantages of driving manual transmissions, one of them being that it costs considerably less to repair them.  It would behoove anyone to be aware of the symptoms of a bad clutch even if the check transmission light isn’t illuminated. With fall just around the corner and the snow quickly falling after that, AJ’s Transmissions excels at diesel transmission work and clutch replacement when someone expects their truck to work as hard as they do. Whether the owner of an F-150 in Strasburg, Ohio, finds that their overdrive light is blinking or someone in Lakemore, Ohio, who uses their Chevy Silverado to plow snow and pull people from ditches has either a transmission slipping or hears grinding when shifting gears, this local transmission shop offers free transmission diagnostics and automotive repair financing. Anyone from Elyria, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, who needs to prepare their vehicle for winter can rely on AJ’s Transmissions for affordable transmission manufacturing and repairs.

Two basic types of transmissions exist, manual and automatic, and each are appropriate for many applications that depend on the driver’s knowledge and experience, the vehicle, and its use. Automatic transmissions are better for less experienced drivers, as it allows them to keep both hands on the wheel and not have to navigate gear changing while focusing on the road, especially in hilly areas and in heavy traffic. Drivers from Lakemore to Elyria who prefer to be more involved in the operation of their vehicle love the advantages of manual transmissions, which includes the fact that they offer better fuel efficiency, are less likely to be stolen since younger generations haven’t learned to drive them, and the control that they offer in inclement weather. AJ’s Transmission provides free transmission diagnostics and automotive repair financing on their already affordable transmission remanufacturing and repairs even though it’s typically cheaper to have a clutch replacement than repair the complexities of an automatic.

This local transmission shop can help when any driver from Akron to Strasburg whether they are experiencing the symptoms of a bad clutch and their check transmission light came on or their overdrive light is blinking. Issues with the clutch disc or its related parts can cause many symptoms, including the vehicle starting out slowly even though the engine is revving high, it’s difficult getting it into reverse or any gear, the transmission is slipping, there is squealing or grinding when shifting gears, and there is pulsating or vibrating when the pedal is pushed down. If someone needs diesel transmission work to prepare their vehicle for the hard work of the upcoming winter, they can rely on the experience and knowledge that AJ’s Transmissions has been providing to the community for over 25 years.

Generations have been trusting the team of specialists at AJ’s Transmissions in Akron, Ohio, for their affordable transmission remanufacturing and repair on everything from domestic to foreign automatic and manual to diesel transmission work. They take pride in providing free transmission diagnostics and automotive repair financing to anyone from Elyria, Ohio, to Strasburg, Ohio, when they have noticed symptoms of a bad clutch, from the transmission slipping to a grinding noise when they are shifting gears. Drivers who can appreciate the advantages that manual transmissions offer will also appreciate how this local transmission shop helps them prepare their vehicle for winter whether they need a clutch replacement, their check transmission light is on, or their overdrive light is blinking. Everyone in Lakemore, Ohio, and beyond who has visited AJ’s Transmissions can attest to the fact that they take pride in their work and strive to provide timely, accurate services at fair prices with superior customer satisfaction.

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