Affordable Wheelchair Lifts from Access Solutions, Inc. Makes It Easy to Travel with a Disability in Bath, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

Some people who find that their health has started to deteriorate tend to hide in their homes and create a bubble in which they reside. They may alienate family members, because they find that it is too difficult to either get around their home or leave its comfort. The warm breezes and consistent sunshine of spring makes people long for the outdoors, and Access Solutions, Inc. can help anyone from Bath, Ohio, to Independence, Ohio, looking for an alternative to climbing stairs or how they can get around better if they are confined to a wheelchair. This local home mobility company offers solutions for barrier-free living, as well as a wide selection of products that make it possible for those who wish to travel with a disability — including affordable stair chair lifts, access ramps, wheelchair lifts, residential elevators, and dumbwaiters with installation. One call to the compassionate people at Access Solutions, Inc. helps those from Twinsburg, Ohio, to Hudson, Ohio, age in place while increasing the value of their home.

No one should be afraid to leave their house or travel with a disability when the expert assistance of Access Solutions, Inc. is one quick phone call away. This local home mobility company not only helps those from Twinsburg to Bath get around better if they are confined to a wheelchair with their affordable wheelchair lifts, access ramps, stairlifts, and residential elevators, but they also increase the value of one’s home with their superior craftsmanship and guide those in need of financial assistance from Medicare, Medicaid, the VA, and other sources. Their experienced home remodeling and construction team leaves the site clean and interacts well with those who are facing one of the most challenging times in their life. C.F. had this to say:

“I just wanted to be sure that I let you know how pleased I am with the lift…and with your employees! They were all personable and polite. They cleaned up the construction area before leaving and they instructed me as to how to operate it. Every day is a “new normal”… but please tell the young men who worked here how much I appreciate their expertise and the wonderful job that they did for us! It has been a wonderful experience the whole time…everything from your phone calls and your visit for the original estimation, the answers to my questions and my changes in the plans (adding the 2nd call button) the emails and phone calls from your administrative assistant and including the men who did the actual installation. What a blessing to have been able to work with you and your company!!!”

Access Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to enhancing residential and commercial environments by making barrier-free living available to those who need it. Perhaps a family in Independence wants to age in place and is looking for an alternative to climbing stairs. They will be thrilled with the wide selection of home mobility solutions that will help them either get from one floor to another, down the garage steps to their vehicle, or simply traverse a steep step. Access Solutions, Inc. carries stair chair lifts in a variety of makes and models to accommodate any budget and is well within reach for anyone from Independence to Hudson with one phone call! They even have a showroom for anyone to visit and figure out what is best for their situation!

It is difficult to find the motivation to attend birthday parties or travel with a disability when a person finds it too physically and mentally taxing to simply move from one room to another. Anyone from Twinsburg, Ohio, to Independence, Ohio, who needs to get around better if they are in a wheelchair will find a rapid and compassionate response from veteran and family-owned Access Solutions, Inc. This local home mobility company’s affordable installation of stairlifts, access ramps, wheelchair lifts, residential elevators, and dumbwaiters, helps allow anyone desiring to age in place the barrier-free living that will allow it. Their stair chair lifts and vast array of other home mobility solutions not only offer alternatives to climbing stairs, but they increase the value of any home from Hudson, Ohio, to Bath, Ohio. Make the call to Access Solutions, Inc. today!

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