Access Solutions, Inc. and Make-A-Wish Made Tommy’s Wish Come True with a Home Elevator in Macedonia, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

Make-A-Wish® Foundation is in the business of making life better for kids with life-threatening medical conditions. They granted over 15,000 wishes this past year alone from a small, humble beginning over three decades ago. A sick child is granted a wish approximately every 34 minutes; however, another one is diagnosed with a potentially qualifying condition just as frequently. Wishes would not be possible without the generous efforts of many devoted staff members, volunteers, donors, and other supporters. Whether it’s time, money, or efforts that an individual or company donates, granting a wish relies on the many donors and volunteers who charitably contribute. Access Solutions, Inc. in Akron, Ohio, was contacted by a Make-A-Wish coordinator explaining that they were looking for ways to grant the wish of a child with CNS Vasculitis, a life-threatening disease of the Central Nervous System. Tommy has an avid love for trains and wanted a residential elevator in his home in Macedonia, Ohio, so he could have the ability to access his basement, where his train collection was set up. Not only can Access Solutions, Inc. help homeowners in and around Cleveland, Ohio, and all Northeast, Ohio, with home elevators, but they can also install ramps and indoor or outdoor stairlifts. Anyone looking to create barrier-free living will not only open a whole new world, but will increase the value of their home.

After Access Solutions, Inc. of Akron received the phone call about helping grant Tommy’s wish for a home elevator, they got to work! They made phone calls to their residential elevator manufacturer, a local electrician and a contractor to explore what companies would donate, and how they could help Tommy have his wish. He has an immense collection of trains in his basement with which he loved to play, but his condition made him rely upon a wheelchair for mobility, restricting his ability to access his trains. Within a couple of months, Access Solutions, Inc. made Tommy’s wish for barrier-free living a reality, and a Cleveland news station was there to capture the look of pure joy that crossed his face at the ribbon cutting for his new home elevator. He would now have unlimited access to his basement and be able to play with his beloved trains.

Homeowners throughout Macedonia and all Northeast Ohio who are getting to the point that they would like to avoid having to use stairs, can not only research the possibility of a home elevator, but can also inquire about other accessibility options. Access Solutions, Inc. can assist anyone looking to take advantage of barrier-free living with their vast array of residential elevators, indoor and outdoor stairlifts, ramps, and vertical or incline lifts. Residential elevators not only increase the value of a home, but they also impart someone with years of independence and easier living. Models can range from simple to elaborate, with options in cab styles and finishes, gates, lighting, fixtures, and drive options. They can accommodate multiple passengers and include the standard safety options, while possibly costing less than many people realize. Homeowners can visit the showroom to test the demo elevator or even the stairlifts to see which of the many options that are available would best suit their lifestyle requirements. Access Solutions, Inc. can help anyone regain their freedom in life.

Not thinking that he would ever have unlimited access to his trains, Tommy realized his dream come true thanks to the efforts of Make-A-Wish Foundation and Access Solutions, Inc. They made the possibility of a home elevator a reality for Tommy and his family. Access Solutions, Inc. can help anyone from Macedonia, Ohio, and all Northeast Ohio realize their own dreams of barrier-free living with a simple phone call or visit to their showroom to test the residential elevator or indoor and outdoor stairlifts themselves, determining which models best suit their needs. This local company from Akron, Ohio, also offers ramps if an individual is looking for better access into a house, no matter how many steps are needing avoided. Homeowners from Cleveland, Ohio, and beyond have trusted the compassionate staff at Access Solutions, Inc. for years, helping them live freer while increasing the value of their homes.

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