A Visit to Trapped! Escape Room Has Proven to Be a Fun Activity for Residents in Parma, Ohio and Beyond

By Gemma Chriss

trapped_logoThough escape rooms are still a relatively new trend in family entertainment, the responses from those who have visited one of Trapped! Escape Room’s facilities suggest that they may be around for the long haul. Residents from throughout the Parma, Ohio; Brooklyn Heights, Ohio; and Beachwood, Ohio areas continue to rave about the puzzle games designed by Trapped! Escape Room’s talented team. It also comes as no surprise to learn that they often return to try out the next new experience. Whether an individual is planning a work outing, birthday party, or just a fun weekend activity with friends, a visit to one of Trapped’s game centers will provide enjoyment for everyone involved.

“So much fun, creative and bonding! Can’t wait to return to try other rooms where we can test our problem-solving skills and see what talents our other family members have.”

trapped_inside-jobCountless individuals from Parma, Brooklyn Heights, Beachwood, and beyond have participated in the puzzle games available at Trapped! Escape Room. Most are in agreement that Trapped’s game centers offer a unique source of family entertainment. Visitors of all ages are encouraged to work together in order to decipher clues and solve riddles so they can “unlock” the door before time runs out. Not only does this fun activity challenge the mind, but there’s an extra dose of excitement in trying to beat the clock.

“My group and I did the chainsaw room! We had a good time trying to escape. It was more challenging then we thought, so we weren’t able to escape. However, we worked right to the buzzer and shared a  lot of laughs afterwards. If you’re looking for something different to do with your friends, try this at least once!”

trapped_teamOf course, Trapped! Escape Room wouldn’t stand out quite as much if it weren’t for their team. These dedicated individuals work hard every day to provide visitors with a fun activity they can share with loved ones. Not only do their staff members strive to simplify directions for newcomers, but they do their best to get everyone excited before the countdown begins. Their game designers also go above and beyond to come up with creative themes so each new experience provides a unique challenge.

“Six of us were trapped in “The Cell” – and still are! But what FUN we had trying our best to escape! The entire staff, from the owners, Alan and his brother, were nice, energetic, and accommodating. We would highly recommend this adventure to anyone.”

trapped_team2Residents throughout Brooklyn Heights, Ohio; Beachwood, Ohio; Parma, Ohio; and beyond in search of family entertainment will quickly discover that a trip to Trapped! Escape Room offers a fun activity for all ages. For additional information about Trapped! Escape Room’s puzzle games, visit their website at www.trappedcle.com. Those with general questions about escape rooms, or reserving a spot at one of Trapped’s game centers for an event are encouraged to send an email to info@trappedcle.com.

Trapped! Escape Room

1796 Coventry Rd
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118

6749 Eastland Rd
Middleburg Heights, Ohio 44130