Those Interested in an Energy-Efficient Home Should Contact Fairview Log Homes of Ohio

By Gemma Chriss

These days, it’s not uncommon for an individual to build an energy-efficient home from scratch rather than purchase an existing structure. Since living in a wooden house can result in significant savings over time, many people have opted to enlist the help of an eco-conscious contractor like Fairview Log Homes. In addition to crafting log cabins that retain warm and cool air better than dwellings made of brick or stone, this Ohio-based company strives for green construction in all their projects. Residents throughout West Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, and beyond can trust that Fairview Log Homes can not only build a house that’s easy on the environment, but on one’s wallet as well.

Since trees are a renewable resource, a wooden house is one of the most eco-friendly options available when it comes to building. Some builders obtain their logs from forests certified as sustainable. Fairview Log Homes takes it a step further by using nature’s standing dead timber to craft their logs. These eco-conscious contractors also strive to use up as many of their lumber as possible by turning smaller pieces into log siding or T&G siding. As a result, very little waste is created when Fairview Log Homes’ team builds log cabins for their clients. Those who value green construction methods will undoubtedly be pleased with how far Fairview Log Homes goes to protect the environment from which they source their materials.

As far as energy-efficient homes go, the log cabins designed by this Ohio-based company are some of the best on the market. Experts state that one of the benefits of wooden houses is that they’re more energy efficient than their stone and brick counterparts—as long as they’re constructed properly. Fortunately, this isn’t an issue for those who enlist the help of Fairview Log Homes’ experienced team. These builders take the time to carefully seal the spaces between each row of logs, ensuring that there are no cracks or holes from which air can escape. Individuals throughout Illinois, Indiana, West Virginia, and beyond may also want to note that the logs themselves have a high thermal mass—the ability to absorb and store heat energy. This means that log cabins tend to help keep interior temperatures comfortable throughout the seasons.

Since Fairview Log Homes has been constructing custom wooden houses for over three decades, they’re well-educated when it comes to the benefits of living in a log cabin. Those who are interested in commissioning their own energy-efficient home are encouraged to visit the website for this Ohio-based company at This team of eco-conscious contractors offers additional information about their green construction methods, as well as the advantages of choosing wood over brick or stone. Residents throughout Indiana, West Virginia, Illinois, and beyond can also contact Fairview Log Homes directly at 330.359.5726 to ask any questions that are not addressed online.

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