Silca System Creates Thousands of Deck Flooring Options from Houston, Texas, to Indianapolis, Indiana

By Fiona Vernon

Homeowners from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Indianapolis, Indiana, spend the winters seeing their decks covered in snow and ice, imagining the damage being caused by the weather. They have frequently contemplated how they would like to upgrade to a low-maintenance deck as the warmer weather approaches. Individuals who have a traditional wooden deck grow weary of the annual power washing, staining, and sealing necessary to keep the wooden planks from molding and rotting. Once the decision has been made to improve one’s outdoor living space and summer arrives, it is finally time to start the anticipated deck project. One of the first steps in planning this outdoor project is deciding upon the right amount of deck appropriate for the home. Choosing the flooring is the next step, which is the fun and creative part. After researching the alternatives, people find that when transforming their wooden deck to an easy-to-install stone deck, there is a vast array of style and color options available to them by using the Silca System. A wide variety of beautiful deck flooring options are open to everyone from Houston, Texas, to San Diego, California, with these environmentally-friendly plastic grates. Stone decks offer the best of outdoor entertainment with very little maintenance required.

One homeowner in Houston may be deciding what size and type of deck will enhance their newly built home, while another in Philadelphia may have decided to modernize their existing wooden deck. After the decision has been made to obtain a low-maintenance deck, residents must decide what size deck is the right amount for their house. Decks are a great way to improve one’s outdoor living space and can be as simple as a grade-level platform a few inches off the ground or as intricate as a multi-level structure with shade structures and built-in benches. Many first-time deck designers create a deck that is too large, resulting in exceeding their intended budget; however, professional deck builders use a couple of rules to create a deck that suits each house accurately. No single section of a multi-level deck should be larger than the largest room in the house, and a deck should be no larger than 20% of the square footage of the residence. Using these guidelines, individuals can sketch a tentative layout or use rope in their backyard to outline the envisioned deck area with the idea of getting a feel for how the space will be utilized.

From San Diego to Indianapolis, many homeowners begin fantasizing about improving their outdoor living space months before it may come to fruition. Their landscaping is flawless and they may have added a pond with Koi last year, so their thoughts turn to their eyesore of a deck that needs redone yet again. They have followed steps to figure out the appropriate size, so their next step is to turn to choosing potential deck flooring options. Of all the aesthetic possibilities, the stone decks are what really excites them, causing them to wonder if they can use different products on their deck to create unique designs. Silca System is an easy-to-install, UV-stable grate used for transforming a wooden deck to a stone deck. This system causes a deck to last longer with the air gap it creates, keeping the deck frame from molding and rotting. With Silca grates being non-proprietary, they can accommodate any type of high-quality natural stone and stone pavers. Some of the choices that one can use to create an impressive decor are flagstone, marble, travertine, granite, slate, concrete, and porcelain. With all these possibilities, anyone can take their desired layout and create a deck as unique as they can dream with the thousands of styles and colors made available to them with the use of Silca System. This variety generates so many opportunities that individuals will want to keep redecorating and make their next project the matching of their hardscaping to their new deck design. They can literally run their hardscaping right up the steps to their deck or to the decorative garden in which they sometimes sit and enjoy coffee or wine.

Deck Transformed with Help from Silca System

Homeowners from San Diego, California, to Indianapolis, Indiana, considering the improvement of their outdoor living space with the result culminating in an easy-to-install, low-maintenance deck need look no further than Silca System. Many homeowners dread the ever-present need to clean, stain, or seal a traditional wooden deck. One of the first decisions that needs to be made when building a new deck or restoring an old one is determining the right amount of deck for the size of one’s house by following a couple of simple rules concerning the resident’s square footage. Silca System’s durable grids — designed to withstand freezing temperatures and harsh sun rays — make transforming a wooden deck to a stone deck a possibility while creating thousands of deck flooring options. Any deck contractor or homeowner from Houston, Texas, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, can contact Silca System to reveal an unimaginable amount of style and color possibilities.

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