Call Lehman Awning Company for Custom Commercial Awning Installation in and Around Twinsburg, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

Entrepreneurs start a business in and around Akron, Ohio, with the idea of creating an income for themselves. They may not want to work under someone else, or they may have a skill that they can offer the world around them. Advertising is the manner in which one promotes their product or service and creates brand recognition so that people are aware of who to call for that need, whether it’s retail or B2B. Discovering methods of obtaining more foot traffic for one’s retail or industrial location is the main goal of a storefront. Lehman Awning Company offers custom commercial awnings with installation to assist in this endeavor. Having an attractive storefront awning is a fantastic way to attract the eyes of passing motorists, because it enhances the curb appeal of any business. Not only will it help attract customers, it will save money on energy costs. Any restaurant with outdoor patio seating from Youngstown, Ohio, to Canton, Ohio, knows that the weather is unpredictable, so a custom patio canopy may be the best option to keep customers protected from sun and rain. Lehman Awning Company is also well known for their truck tarp repair and replacement, industrial curtains, aluminum awnings, and residential awnings. Business owners from Twinsburg, Ohio, and beyond can call this family-owned and operated awning fabrication company to discover how they can increase sales!

Increasing the number of customers a business attracts is no small feat even if a business is situated on the busiest street in the city. People drive by and keep their eyes ahead, especially if it’s a drive they take daily. Deciding on outside advertising from Youngstown to Twinsburg is difficult, because growing a business requires spending money effectively. Entrepreneurs do not always have the perception that the sign in front of their business is a form of marketing; however, eye-catching and well-designed storefront awnings can create a great first impression for a future client. Calling Lehman Awning Company for custom commercial awnings and installation is the first step in catching the attention of potential customers. Another benefit of an awning is the energy-saving protection it provides to the property, because it is designed to block sunrays and reduce the solar gain. Lab studies show that awnings reduce indoor temperatures as much as 15 degrees, resulting in less money spent on air conditioning.

Many residents in and around Akron and Canton will say that it seems the seasons are changing and spring and summer feel shorter than ever. Any restaurant or bar with an outside patio knows that their customers love to enjoy the summer weather while it lasts. Lehman Awning Company excels at awning fabrication of custom patio canopies to protect diners from a short burst of rain but still lets them enjoy the satisfying warm air.  Aluminum awnings are quickly becoming more popular on office buildings, because they are virtually maintenance free, do not fade over time, and can be customized to the design of the current style of the business. They are also very popular for walkway covers, which are ideal at schools, churches, and hospitals. Lehman Awning Company also provides homeowners with residential awnings that can create shade up to 20 degrees cooler than standing directly in the sun. Adding a custom patio canopy will create a whole new outdoor living space.  Lehman’s also specializes in truck tarp repair and replacement. Their tarps are made from a material that is more pliable, even in cold temperatures, and resistant to abrasion and other damage. They also carry a vast array of required accessories, including straps, ropes, and a good selection of replacement parts.

There is no easier or more effective way to add a little class to a Canton, Ohio, storefront than with an elegant, professionally-installed custom commercial awning from Lehman Awning Company. Businesses in and around Twinsburg, Ohio, can increase their store’s foot traffic with the installation of canvas or aluminum awnings while saving energy and protecting their property. Custom patio canopies can be used to cover outdoor patios at restaurants and bars; however, they can also create a new outdoor living area if installed over one’s Youngstown, Ohio, patio. Their residential awnings offer the same benefits of being energy-efficient and are strong enough to weather the years without breaking the bank. Calling this awning fabrication company for a storefront awning in Akron, Ohio, and beyond is effortless with their 75 years of experience hard at work every day. Over-the-road drivers can also trust in their years of skill for truck tarp repair and replacement to keep their loads protected and their business strong.

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