Trapped! Escape Room is a Great Summer Staycation Idea for a Fun Family Outing in Cleveland Heights, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

While many families choose to venture out onto the open road to some amusement park eight hours away or sightseeing their way across the country, many others from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, to Middleburg Heights, Ohio, are looking for summer staycation ideas to simply enjoy their own city. Families that spend time together can reconnect and build their relationships, so anyone looking for affordable and fun group activities for summer entertainment can book a room at Trapped! Escape Room. This indoor gaming facility can help get anyone out of the heat during the intense temperatures of late, as well as improve their problem-solving skills. This local escape room also encourages businesses who want to increase their employees’ creativity to book a room with analysis on how cohesively they work together. Anyone from Broadview Heights, Ohio, to Willoughby, Ohio, looking for either a team building exercise, fun family outing, or a night out with friends will love the variety of themes they discover at Trapped! Escape Room.

Trapped! Escape Room offers 16 themed rooms in four locations spread from Middleburg Heights to Willoughby so that they are easily accessible to the millions of residents and visitors in the area. Each room is listed on their website with a variety of difficulties ranging from easy to challenging, the group size that is optimal to solve it, and the escape rate at which participants are having success. For example, this local escape room gives 30 minutes to solve the clues of The Dark Room and have it rated as easy. There is a 43% escape rate with a group of two to six people recommended for participation. This room is played completely in the dark with the idea of heightening one’s senses to feel, hear, and smell the clues. People fight the fact that their minds could play tricks on them in complete darkness.

The Inside Job is an intermediate difficulty room with 60 minutes provided to escape. It’s a great summer staycation idea to visit this indoor gaming facility for a fun family outing or night out with friends to see if everyone can beat the 24% escape rate of this room in which the participants have been contacted to help rob a bank. They must get in and out quickly or be trapped and hauled off to jail! Each room is built to make each person feel as if they are truly in a bank vault, or stuck on an island, or stuck in a zombie apocalypse with clues that match the theme. There is a Game Master that explains everything in the beginning and offers up to three clues to help with the solutions throughout the process. Whether a family is looking to build their relationship by spending time together or a company is looking to increase their employees’ creativity with team building exercises, the large variety at Trapped! Escape Room allows them to return to try new ideas, while improving problem solving skills. It is the perfect summer entertainment for everyone from Cleveland Heights to Broadview Heights who are looking for affordable and fun group activities.

Summer entertainment is always being sought after with a good combination of affordable and fun group activities indoors to stay cool. Trapped! Escape Room offers fun family outings and a great night out with friends when anyone from Broadview Heights, Ohio, to Cleveland Heights, Ohio, is looking for summer staycation ideas. This indoor gaming facility can help to improve anyone’s problem solving skills and build relationships, whether it’s between people in a family or team building exercises for a company that wants to increase their employees’ creativity. Everyone from Middleburg Heights, Ohio, to Willoughby, Ohio, will love the suspenseful fun that they experience when they visit Trapped! Escape Room!

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