The Latest Puzzle Game at Trapped! Escape Room in Middleburg Heights Is Set to Open Next Week

By Gemma Chriss

The long-awaited arrival of Trapped! Escape Room’s newest puzzle game is nearly upon us. After months of hard work, the team at Trapped’s Middleburg Heights, Ohio location is excited to announce that the opening of The Labyrinth is tentatively scheduled for the week of January 30th. Unlike other escape rooms, The Labyrinth will provide visitors with a unique challenge—a complex, indoor maze that will pit one team against another. Since this local attraction opened its doors last year, it has become home to some of Trapped’s most innovative and creative games yet. Individuals throughout Broadview Heights, Ohio; Brook Park, Ohio; North Royalton, Ohio; and beyond are encouraged to participate in this group activity in the coming weeks to see firsthand how The Labyrinth stacks up against Trapped! Escape Room’s other exciting experiences.

It’s important to note that while The Labyrinth will eventually become a head-to-head challenge with two teams racing to reach the end of an indoor maze, the current setup is one sided. However, this should not deter individuals from gathering friends together for a group activity next weekend. Once The Labyrinth opens toward the end of the week of January 30th, participants will have the opportunity to test their skills by navigating an intricate indoor maze filled with rocks, wishing wells, stars, and more. The goal of this puzzle game is to survive the end of the world by successfully solving a series of tests and reaching the Tree of Life. While those who have visited Trapped in the past can attest to the fact that the other escape rooms provide a fun and interesting challenge, the staff has stated that The Labyrinth is the most elaborate experience they’ve created so far.

The opening of part one of The Labyrinth next week will be a sort of trial run for this new puzzle game. The staff members at this local attraction are encouraging residents throughout the North Royalton, Broadview Heights, and Brook Park areas to book their visits soon and offer input once they’ve finished. Construction on the second half of The Labyrinth will begin once the first half meets Trapped’s high standards, and the team would appreciate feedback from participants before moving forward. Though the project will require more hard work from the talented creative team at Trapped! Escape Room, the hope is to have The Labyrinth completely finished within a few months.

Those who would like to participate in a unique group activity with friends, family members, or coworkers should consider visiting this local attraction next week. The first half of the indoor maze should be completed next week; however, Trapped! Escape Room will be updating their Facebook page in the event that the date changes. In order to schedule a trip through this new puzzle game, individuals can purchase their tickets at Additional information about each escape room is also available online for greater convenience. Residents throughout the Brook Park, Ohio; Broadview Heights, Ohio; and North Royalton, Ohio areas with specific questions may contact Trapped! directly by sending an email to

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