The Other Side of Medicine Provides Natural Healing for Cleveland, Ohio Patients

It seems like everywhere you turn in Cleveland, Ohio and the greater Cuyahoga County, Ohio area, information and medical advice is being thrown at you. From the scary disclaimers after prescription ads you hear on the radio in Parma, Ohio, to the television shows touting the newest craze in fitness and health in Akron, Ohio—information is everywhere. But with all of this information available, how can one sort out fact from fiction? Who can you turn to for answers about your health and the best way to treat your symptoms and conditions? Well, first you might want to get The Other Side of the storyThe Other Side of Medicine, that is! The Other Side of Medicine offers patients a different approach to healing…safe, evidence based, natural healing. At The Other Side of Medicine they recognize the body is an amazing miracle, capable of healing itself. So, if you’ve been searching for a way to cure your digestive problems, to get to the cause of your stomach problem, an alternative approach might be the right one for you.

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