Second Sole in Lyndhurst, Ohio Prepares Community Runners for Cleveland Marathon & Youth Marathon Program

On your mark…get set…go! To Second Sole in Lyndhurst, Ohio! Runners in Lyndhurst and the surrounding Cleveland, Ohio area (including community youth) are gearing up for the 35th Annual Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Saturday, May 19th and Sunday, May 20th in Cleveland, Ohio.

Second Sole is proud to be a sponsor of a marathon that features one of the flattest and fastest courses in the country. The Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon offers a full marathon experience including a half marathon, 10k and 5k event. Second Sole takes pride in knowing that this event offers something for just about everyone in the community. Serious runners can qualify for the Boston Marathon, family and friends can walk the 10k, children can take part in the kids run…there is literally something for everyone! Even if you don’t run! And speaking of the children, let us tell you the real reason why Second Sole in Lyndhurst is so excited about the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon…it’s a program called We Run This City Youth Marathon.

Second Soul has been involved in the WRTC community youth program for many years. We Run This City Youth Marathon Program is a collaboration between the YMCA of Greater Cleveland, Cleveland Metropolitan School District, the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, the Cleveland Department of Public Health, and Case Western Reserve University Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods. WRTC is a fourteen week program that teaches young people in the community to set and achieve goals through preparing them to run in the Rite Aid Marathon in Cleveland. Not only do the kids meet and exceed their goals, but they leave the program with a higher level of self-confidence, not to mention an increased level of fitness and health. Second Sole of Lyndhurst helps prepare these children to meet the goals set by WRTC by providing shoes and shoe fittings to the participants. At Second Sole they realize the importance of getting the youth of the community in a sport that could shape the rest of their lives!

Second Sole provides shoes and apparel, community support, and most importantly, advice! You don’t have to be training to run a marathon to shop at Second Sole. Whether you are a beginner, novice, or have completed the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon or even the Boston Marathon….Second Sole has something for everyone. Including the knowledge and advice of trained professionals.

If you live in Lyndhurst, Ohio or the surrounding Cleveland, Ohio area and are a runner prepping for a local all-ages or youth marathon, want to become a runner, or just want the very best support to “run” around town…go to Second Sole at 5114 Mayfield Road in Lyndhurst, call them at 440-449-8508, or track them down on the world wide web at They are open seven days a week, because you never know what you are going to run into!