Rockport Square: Own a New Townhome in a Diverse Community Conveniently Located near Cleveland, Ohio

If you haven’t read part one of “a week in the life” of a Rockport Square resident, you may want to check that out first. In part one, we talked about Bill’s desire to simplify and downsize, but not wanting to give up convenient access to downtown Cleveland, Ohio activities and offices. This made Rockport Square in Lakewood, Ohio the perfect new and diverse community for him and his wife, as it offers a maintenance free lifestyle and so much more, like new construction, contemporary design, nearby parks, private porches and terraces, and a pet-friendly atmosphere! Not to mention that is it within walking distance of Lakewood’s own shopping and award-winning restaurant district. So, if you’re tired of renting a shoebox-sized apartment, but don’t want to give up urban living convenience, keep reading to learn more about owning a townhome at Rockport Square in Lakewood!

Day 4: The first full day in their new home! Bill shares, “it was so exciting to wake up and have the sun streaming in through all the beautiful windows!” Those would be the Andersen Expansive windows, a popular (and energy efficient) design element at Rockport Square. Morning coffee was enjoyed at the breakfast bar, another popular feature, and then it was off to work. That evening, they headed out to Brother’s Lounge for their fantastic grilled romaine salad. Traffic was no problem since, once again, this delicious destination is within walking distance! Live jazz was on the restaurant’s agenda that evening, but they decide to forgo the festivities—Bill wants to run in the morning.

Day 5: Here’s how Bill describes this morning: “What a beautiful run this morning. Ran to Edgewater (only 1.5 miles away) and watched the sunrise on the Cleveland skyline, and then turned around and understood why they call it the Gold Coast. The sun glinting off the Carlisle and Winton buildings was really cool.” Moving to Lakewood put Bill a lot closer to his downtown office, so he still managed to get in early with less driving and a lot less stress. With the fine weather upon us, he’s also considering the possibility of biking to work, or even hopping on the bus that goes right by his front door. The convenient access to public transportation is definitely a draw for many Rockport Square residents. Who wants to battle downtown Cleveland traffic if you don’t have to?

Day 6: Bill and his wife attended a party in their old neighborhood, but instead of catching up on what was happening there, everyone wanted to talk about Rockport Square. More than one person expressed interest (and maybe a bit of envy) in his new “maintenance-free” lifestyle. Bill was quick to assure them that Rockport Square is a great fit for anyone, which is one of the many reasons that it has become such a diverse community. He also encouraged them not to waste a minute—there are only 4 townhomes still available! He’s looking forward to bumping into friends, new and old, at one his favorite nearby restaurants and entertaining on his townhouse’s spacious, private outdoor terrace.

Day 7: The week wrapped up with Bill meeting and greeting some new neighbors, both human and canine (Rockport Square’s pet-friendly attitude is another popular feature). They hung out on his neighbors’ private front porch, and he got to hear how much they still love their home, even after the novelty fades into routine and comfort. Bill says that, “we love our home and our new lifestyle at Rockport Square!”

You’ll love Rockport Square in Lakewood, Ohio, too. With its proximity to big city conveniences and a small neighborhood feel, you get the best of both worlds in the Cleveland, Ohio area. So, schedule an appointment today to visit this up-and-coming, diverse community, and tour a newly constructed townhouse that could be your new home!

Rockport Square
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Lakewood, Ohio 44107

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