Rockport Square LLC Spacious Townhomes Make Renting Your First Apartment in Lakewood, Ohio an Easy Choice!

For most of us when we dream of having our first home we dream of having it all—spacious floor plan, an open outdoor space with access to all of Lakewood, Ohio’s  entertainment at your fingertips. Apartment hunting through Cuyahoga County can leave little to be desired. The cramped, lived in apartments that downtown Cleveland, Ohio offer can often times make us feel like we have to settle. Rockport Square LLC not only matches everything on your apartment wish list but they also provide you with everything you could possibly need in a first home. Renting your first apartment can be overwhelming. Rockport Square makes you feel at home the moment you step foot into one of their loft style condos or townhomes. Rockport has all the amenities any young professional or growing family could need.

Rockport’s loft style condos and townhomes are moments away from everything Lakewood has to offer. With Beck Center for the Arts, Madison Park, West Side Market, and numerous restaurants just steps away from your doorstep your hardest choice about moving into Rockport will be what activity to do first every night. Rockport’s gives you the suburban feel of a residential community and all the action of a city that never sleeps.

Their spacious floor plans, cozy master bedrooms, and top of the line kitchens are enough to make you want to spend your evenings at home! You can spend a summer night on your private porch sipping wine and reading from your favorite book or curled up with your pet next to the fireplace during the winter. Their large ceilings give your home an open flow right in the middle of the city. Even though space is limited in the city, your options for renting your first apartment shouldn’t be. Finding your first place should be about finding a home that represents you and everything you value. Rockport Square has kept that in mind and provides the best apartments in Cuyahoga County. Whether you are a young professional finding your place in Cleveland or a family on the go, Rockport can provide you with a place to call home.

Renting your first apartment can be a headache. Cleveland, Ohio can be filled with small, lived in spaces that may be great for dorm life but as you grow you need a home that can grow with you. Rockport Square LLC spacious floor plans and warm, sophisticated style will make you excited to come home. Their loft style condos are perfect for young professionals and their townhomes are perfect for a growing family. Lakewood, Ohio is full of life and Rockport puts you right in the middle of it. If you are looking to move to Cuyahoga County, visit their website at to learn more about this popular community.

Rockport Square
12205 Detroit Ave,
Lakewood, Ohio

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