Individuals in Jacksonville, Florida, can Call 360 Distribution for Natural Inflammation & Pain Relief

By Fiona Vernon

A healthy body helps individuals live a productive life, raising their self-esteem and making them more content. Many individuals, from the elderly to athletes, take multi-vitamins and various supplements to combat the effects of aging and supply themselves with the necessary products to help their bodies heal after intense activity. This helps every organ in the body, even the largest one — the skin. Beginning with the inside is essential, but what people expose the outside of their bodies to also makes a difference, from putting on lotions to sun exposure. Facial skin is thinner and requires a bit more care to avoid the signs of aging, and applying creams to one’s face is a great way to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while adding moisture and minerals. The cosmetic industry is starting to focus on putting wholesome products on one’s face, while leaning toward natural skin creams. 360 Distribution offers a CBD-infused anti-aging cream with apple stem cells to help combat the damaging effects of the environment, as well as providing healing properties from previous damage. Not only can individuals from Youngstown, Ohio, to San Diego, California, remove years from their appearance, but they can also nourish the inside of their bodies with a few simple steps, including Bio CBD Plus Total Body Care Capsules. Anyone from Wheeling, West Virginia, to Jacksonville, Florida, looking to add natural healing solutions, like pain relief and inflammation fighters, to their inventory, can call 360 Distribution for wholesale and bulk CBD, or cannabidiol oil products.

Individuals who take care of their bodies know that it starts with what they put into their mouths — what they eat, how much water they consume, and what supplements are appropriate for their situation. The human body and many other mammals have an endocannabinoid system that is involved in regulating a variety of physiological and cognitive processes — including reproductive duties, immune system functions, appetite, pain sensation and management, mood, body temperature, and memory. When people, including athletes, are looking to enhance the activity of their bodily functions with natural healing solutions, they can turn to the natural pain relief and inflammation fighters in wholesale CBD oils. 360 Distribution carries all the bulk cannabidiol oil for wellness shops or holistic grocery stores from Jacksonville to Youngstown. Bio CBD Plus Total Body Care Capsules are 100% bioavailable, consisting of water-soluble CBD and Ayurvedic herbs, while being the safest on the market with their patented BioCBD technology. It is scientifically proven to be effective and has been recognized as such with its removal from the USADA’s banned substance list. The UFC industry, as well as many other, are becoming more aware of the natural healing and anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD.

Not only can athletes and everyone else from Wheeling to San Diego help their bodies heal faster with CBD oil products, but they can also help their skin fight the effects of damage from the environment. The skin is the largest organ of the body and is very porous, so it absorbs anything that is applied to it, and facial skin is more delicate, so it needs a little more care with products better suited to its protection. Instead of using synthetic products that aren’t necessarily beneficial, people can benefit from natural anti-aging skin cream found at 360 Distribution. Their CBD-Infused Anti-Aging Cream with Apple Stem Cells promotes vitality and longevity, while preventing age-related skin degradation and promoting the regrowth of healthy skin cells. The swiss apple is a rare apple tree and its stem cells caused 100% of participants in a clinical trial to see a reduction in their fine lines. It contains the highest grade of hemp oil available with 30mg of CBD oil. Celebrities like Michele Obama, Jennifer Lopez, and Helen Mirren all use Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serums.

The products that humans choose to put into their bodies can help or hinder them. The proper nutrition can prevent many diseases, as well as keeping someone from Youngstown, Ohio, to Wheeling, West Virginia, functioning at their peak. The endocannabinoid system regulates many tasks, from temperature control to immune system function. By taking 360 Distribution’s CBD capsules, a natural healing solution that is an inflammation fighter and helps with pain relief, individuals can help their body achieve optimal functioning. CBD has been taken off banned lists because of its trustworthy, scientifically-proven healing properties. Wellness shops and massage therapists can offer wholesale, bulk cannabidiol, or CBD oil products, from natural anti-aging skin creams to supplements and weight loss solutions. Whether it’s skin care or massage oil, anyone from San Diego, California, to Jacksonville, Florida, can count on the quality CBD oil products from 360 Distributions.

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