Elite Security Consultants’ Stark County Female Self-Defense Classes Are the Perfect Fit for Any Woman

Elite Security Consultants is making Stark County, Ohio women feel safer. How? Well, there are several ways that this armed security company accomplishes that task. They do offer personal bodyguard and protective services, but this is not practical for many people. What is practical, as well as attainable, for Stark County women is their female self-defense class.

The female self-defense class offered by Elite Security Consultants is for all women. Your age, your weight, your height, your experience, and your physical fitness do not matter. This class teaches techniques that can be practiced by any woman to defend herself against an attacker of any size. The owner, Tim, noted that the class instructor is approximately 5’1”, and she will be demonstrating the techniques on him, a 6’ tall man.

In about a four hour span, you can go from knowing next to nothing about how to defend yourself against an attacker to mastering two extremely effective techniques. In the initial class, women will learn the roundhouse kick and the knife hand, which is like a karate chop. In fact, by the end of the class, you will be so adept at performing the knife hand move that you will be able to break a board.

Hard to believe? It shouldn’t be. The staff members at Elite Security Consultants are experts both in performing these techniques and at passing that knowledge on to others. Can you imagine the peace of mind and self-confidence that you, or any woman you know, will gain knowing these maneuvers? Tim and the Elite Security Consultants staff sincerely hope that you would never need to use them, but it is better to err on the side of caution. And, if you are considering any type of self-defense class, these are the people from whom you want to learn.

Elite Security Consultant’s female self-defense class is more than just learning the moves. They will also cover local and state laws regarding self-defense. If a woman finds herself in the unfortunate circumstance of needing to defend herself, knowing her rights will be every bit as important as knowing the right moves.

During the female self-defense class, Stark County’s Elite Security Consultants will provide all equipment and materials that you will need. For example, there may be impact bags to practice on, and of course the boards that will need to be broken. Class sizes are kept small—no more than fifteen women per class—intentionally. A smaller class allows the instructors to provide each student with individual guidance and personalized assistance.

If you live in Canton or the Stark County area, and think that a female self-defense class from Elite Security Consultants may be right for you, your friends, or family, give them a call at 855.ESC.OHIO (855.372.6446) or 330.639.4173. You can also find more information about the services offered by Elite Security Consultants online at www.ESCOhio.com. There are discounts available for college students, for signing up for multiple female self-defense classes, and more, so be sure to ask if you qualify!

P.S. Want to give the class a try at no charge?  Ask about a FREE class on Sunday, April 22, 2012!

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