Choose the Perfect Escape Room Game for a Fun Night Out with Friends at Trapped! Escape Room in Cleveland, Ohio

The nights are getting chillier from Lakewood, Ohio, to Independence, Ohio, and it’s the time of year when young adults go back to high school or college and are more social. When looking for a fun night out with friends, people tend to look for new and exciting things to entertain them. It’s no longer warm enough for outdoor activities like mini golf, so they turn to indoor activities; however, going to the movies gets old, and individuals can only bowl so much. Often, individuals consult google for local entertainment, but there are thousands of entries that appear, and it can be confusing when filtering through them.  If one were to google escape room game, there are so many options that pop up. This wasn’t the case only a couple of years ago, so how does someone looking for a weekend activity know which indoor gaming facility to choose? Trapped! Escape Room, with four locations throughout Cleveland, Ohio, offers the widest range of group games that use teamwork and puzzle solving to essentially unlock the door within 60 minutes. Whether it’s a date night idea near Parma, Ohio, or a company needs a venue for a team-building event, knowing how to choose an escape room game will be essential to ensuring a great time will ensue.

When a group searching for a weekend activity or a fun night out with friends in Lakewood decide that they would like to experience the fun, newer trend of an escape room, they are inundated with locations and are not sure how to choose an escape room game that will challenge them, yet keep them entertained. Many people like to think that the smarter they are, the easier it will be for them to solve the puzzles necessary in the group game to unlock the door; however, game masters create scenarios that are solved better with teamwork and logic, rather than with math and science. The best kind of room to choose for one’s first adventure is a room at a beginner level so that everyone can get acclimated to the process of the game. Trapped! Escape Room has four locations throughout Cleveland, so they offer a larger variety in rooms from which to choose than anyone else in the area. Nothing can ruin a date night idea or team building event by everyone being frustrated because they aren’t sure what to do. Trapped! Escape Room’s game masters offer 16 rooms with a variety of themes, and they are always creating more. This means there is a variety for those who like to return and keep challenging themselves at higher levels.

Going to Trapped! Escape Room’s website will allow anyone from Parma to Independence to see the details of each room — from its theme to recommendations on number of participants to its skill level — so it’s easier to choose what would best suit the group. Looking at the strengths and weaknesses of each of the participants can help increase the success rate, since each person brings their own set of experiences, knowledge, and memories to the game! It may be obvious, but reading the reviews of an indoor gaming facility will offer insight into what experiences others have had, because atmosphere is everything when the goal is to have a fun night out with friends. Some people had this to say about Trapped! Escape Room:

“This was awesome and the staff was super customer oriented ….. love their jobs is what I think !! We will be back – we didn’t break out – but we plan to come back and slay the next room ! Thanks for the experience !!”

– Chuck, January 29, 2017

“One of the most creative, fun, adventurous places I’ve ever been to! Such a good way to work together with my friends and everybody loved it!”

– Nikkia, January 28, 2017

What makes this group game so much more fun than sitting on a couch playing a computer game or watching a movie is because the participant is fully immersed into the scene. In one of Trapped! Escape Room’s themes in Willoughby called Before Nightfall, the group is all that remains of humanity after vampires have taken over. It is now their mission to destroy the prime vampire before the light comes up or humanity comes to an end. The Inside Job in Middleburg Heights has the group planning a bank robbery. There is a contact on the inside to supply clues, but people will be trapped if they don’t get in, get the cash, and get out within the hour. Anyone who has made escape room games their new favorite hobby will find challenges in every skill level and a vast array of themes at Trapped! Escape Room.

As anyone can now surmise, it’s important to know how to choose an escape room game — from what skill to start at to knowing the group one with whom one is going to choosing a location with a great atmosphere and variety. Anyone from Lakewood, Ohio, to Parma, Ohio, can find 16 themes at a variety of skills levels from which to choose at Trapped! Escape Room’s four locations throughout Cleveland, Ohio. Whether individuals in and around Independence, Ohio, are looking for a fun night out with friends, a date night idea, or a team building event, every group game experience and puzzle solving challenge will be completely different. When searching for an indoor gaming facility for a fun and exciting weekend activity, look no further than Trapped! Escape Room to create an experience that will have everyone hooked and ready to try another room next weekend!

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