Update Your Hudson Area Home this Tax Season with Residential Appliances from Appliance Mart!

Whether you’re moving into a new home in Hudson, Ohio or you’re updating your current property in the Montrose, Ohio area, you want to be able to have appliances you can rely on. Unfortunately, purchasing residential appliances from a big box store can be an exceptionally expensive endeavor—even when using your tax refund check to pay for it! This season, get more appliances for your tax refund by visiting Appliance Mart. At this local appliance store, you can browse through a variety of new, reconditioned (used), and scratch-and-dent appliances to find the ones that best accommodate your property in the Twinsburg, Ohio area and beyond! Best of all, these appliances are available at a fraction of the cost of those for sale at your local big box store.

“I priced new washers at the big box stores. The price of the one that had the features I wanted was $700.00.  I bought my washer from Appliance Mart, got the features I wanted, and saved $450.00.  Yes! I paid $250.00.”

Although Appliance Mart does sell used appliances, new appliances, and scratch-and-dent appliances at each of their physical locations, they also carry an assortment of quality appliance parts. By offering so many name brand parts at one location, Appliance Mart is able to help more individuals obtain the parts they need to fix their appliances on their own. Of course, knowing which parts you need to repair your appliance can be just as difficult as repairing the appliance itself. Appliance Mart understands this, and that is why they are happy to offer home appliance repair services and advice to those in the Ravenna, Ohio area and across the region!

After all, not everyone has the time or knowledge needed to properly repair their appliances on their own. Luckily, Appliance Mart’s technicians are happy to offer over-the-phone advice –free of charge—to those that prefer to repair their residential appliances on their own. With their assistance, Do-It-Yourselfers can get the help they need to properly diagnose the problem their appliance is having so that the proper parts can be purchased to repair it. Afraid the parts you need won’t be obtainable due to the age of the appliance you have installed in your Ravenna area property? Appliance Mart keeps a variety of quality appliance parts – new, used, and discontinued—at each of their physical locations throughout the Northeast Ohio region at amazingly low prices.

Should the part you need not be found at one of their stores one of Appliance Mart’s knowledgeable staff members can see if it is available at another one of their stores. They can even order a variety of different parts in if they do not have the specific part you need in stock at one of their stores – located in Tallmadge, Streetsboro, Canton, and Massillon—or their warehouse. For added convenience, the quality appliance parts they order for you can be shipped directly to your location for $6.95 or to one of their stores of your choosing for free.

Although there are many home appliance repairs you could easily perform on your own, there are others that are often best left to the professionals. In situations like these, contact one of the professional technicians of Appliance Mart at 330.376.2221 to perform the home appliance repairs needed at your property in Hudson, Montrose, Twinsburg, or beyond. With years of experience working on name brand appliances, these knowledgeable technicians can provide the fast and efficient repairs needed to have your appliances running properly again. Unfortunately, there are some appliances that are better off being replaced than they are being repaired—especially if they’re more than 10 years of age! For this reason, Appliance Mart is happy to sell used appliances and new appliances at each of their store locations for you to incorporate into your property near the Twinsburg, Ohio area and beyond.

Not only do they sell used appliances and new appliances, but scratch-and-dent appliances as well. More importantly, the residential appliances they offer in their stores are less costly than those you would purchase at a big box store. With this in mind, pay a visit to one of Appliance Mart’s local stores to get more appliances for your Montrose, Ohio or Ravenna, Ohio property than you would at other locations.  Do you know which of their name brand appliances would be right for your property this season? Should you have any questions pertaining to the products Appliance Mart has in stock –including their quality appliance parts— feel free to speak to one of their knowledgeable staff members. With their help, you can learn more about the products they offer and determine if investing in home appliance repairs or updated appliances would best benefit your property in the Hudson, Ohio area this season. For additional information about Appliance Mart and the products they offer this season, feel free to visit or call one of physical locations today!

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