Learn about Bird Migration and Hummingbird Nectar from The Bird Store…and More near Akron, Ohio

There are few birds that possess the same whimsical quality as hummingbirds. These tiny winged-creatures are truly a sight to behold! And fortunately for those of us in the Summit County, Ohio and Medina County, Ohio areas, it won’t be long before these beautiful little birds make their way into our own backyards. Since The Bird Store…and More in Fairlawn, Ohio is just as excited about the arrival of the hummingbirds as you are, they’ve already begun to stock up on all kinds of colorful feeders to attract their small feathered friends! By visiting this wild bird and nature store near Akron, Ohio, you can peruse their extensive inventory and pick up a few things to help prepare your yard for bird migration season. Not only can you purchase hummingbird feeders and mealworm feeders for bluebirds to welcome your new feathered guests, but you can also obtain hummingbird nectar by buying it there or making it at home!

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