Get a Brand-New Patio Set for Your Larkspur, California Yard from Terra Patio & Garden

Though the official start of summer may not be for a few weeks, the weather tells a different story. With the sunshine, high temperatures, and gentle breezes we’ve been experiencing around the Bay Area, chances are that you’ve already spent quite a few days outside already. And since there will most likely be more of these pleasant days ahead, now is the perfect time to think about upgrading to a brand-new patio set. Your Kentfield, Tiburon, or Larkspur home will see a number of visitors this season, what with the pool parties, cookouts, and other gatherings you undoubtedly have planned this summer. With this in mind, you want your guests to be as comfortable as possible, and that requires a visit to Terra Patio & Garden in Mill Valley. With their Summer Sale as well as their Friends and Family Sale coming up this month, Terra Patio will have a wide assortment of discounted furniture available. So, if your old furnishings could stand to be replaced by new teak, wicker, or aluminum outdoor chairs and tables, a trip to Terra Patio’s showroom is an excellent idea.

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