Access Solutions, Inc. Helps People in Bath, Ohio, Get Around in a Wheelchair with Modular & Portable Access Ramps

By Fiona Vernon

Not many people would choose to be in a wheelchair; however, no other medical device can offer more mobility and independence. Whether someone from Ravenna, Ohio, has become suddenly disabled or a resident of Uniontown, Ohio, has experienced debilitating health issues as they have aged, Access Solutions, Inc. provides a plethora of solutions that can help people who need to get around more efficiently while they are in a wheelchair. Not only does this local home mobility company help people age in place with affordable wheelchair lifts, but also with stairlift installation, residential elevators, dumbwaiters, and modular, portable, and threshold access ramps. People from Bath, Ohio, to Mentor, Ohio, will find the unexpected benefit of also increasing the value of their home while trusting Access Solutions, Inc. to help them create a barrier-free living environment.

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