Peducah, Kentucky, Finds Affordable RV’s with Easy Financing & Nationwide Delivery at Leonard Truck & Trailer

By Fiona Vernon

Families are sitting in the beauty of the home that they have created trying to stay safe. While they are happy in the safety of their own comforting atmosphere, they long for a new adventure. Even a casual run to the store without feeling like they are putting their life in jeopardy would be nice. They figure that even when it’s deemed safe to venture out that it will still be risky. It’s the perfect time to plan for a different kind of social distancing with a camping adventure. Leonard Truck and Trailer can help those who look forward to a journey on the open road with their affordable RV’s and fifth wheel travel trailers. Not only can this new and used trailer and truck dealer offer complete packages to anyone from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Lansing, Michigan, with easy financing and nationwide delivery, but their 11,000-sf service department keeps customers happy with their replacement parts, maintenance, and accessories. They even have generators that are perfect for camping and install trailer awnings to make life more relaxed in any temperature or situation. Everyone from Dubois, Pennsylvania, to Peducah, Kentucky, can spoil themselves when they are wondering what to do with their income tax refund or stimulus check when they keep their distance by perusing the inventory on the website of Leonard Truck and Trailer. Call 330.538.2112 today!

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