Anyone Looking for Barrier-Free Living in Kent, Ohio, can Call Access Solutions, Inc. for Affordable Stairlifts

By Fiona Vernon

Children love the Christmas season, but the holidays can cause anxiety in adults from Macedonia, Ohio, to Kent, Ohio, with all the additional tasks added to their already busy lives. Additionally, they may worry about the difficulty of buying for their elderly parents, because they either have everything or they buy what they need. Perhaps one of the most unique and welcome gifts that someone could give their parents that are looking for an alternative to climbing stairs is the gift of barrier-free living, making it easier to move about the world in which they need to function. Access Solutions, Inc. in Akron, Ohio, can provide affordable home mobility solutions — including custom stairlifts, access ramps, vertical platform lifts, dumbwaiters, and even residential elevators. With their 50 years of combined experience, they perform their own affordable stairlift installation without the use of subcontractors. Every commercial and residential product that they provide to Northeast Ohio receives the utmost attention to detail, prompt service, and compassion.

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