Scranton, Pennsylvania Natives May Be Eligible for Travel Reimbursement and/or Student Lodging at Great Lakes Truck Driving School

By Gemma Chriss

Though some people may decide to earn a 4-year degree at a traditional university, others may be better suited to an alternative means of education. Vocational colleges open doors that would otherwise remain closed, giving students the opportunity to acquire valuable skills such as truck driving and heavy equipment operation. Unfortunately, not all trade schools are created equal. Not only can class quality vary drastically from one institution to another, but pricing and schedule flexibility as well. The good news is that individuals throughout Lexington, Kentucky; Scranton, Pennsylvania; Bloomington, Indiana; and beyond don’t have to settle for anything less than what they deserve just because of their location. Since Great Lakes Truck Driving School offers student lodging and travel reimbursement to select students, anyone can get the training necessary to embark on a new career path.

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