Lehman Awning Company Offers Truck Tarp Repair and Replacement to Businesses in Columbus, Ohio and Beyond

By Gemma Chriss

lehman_logoThe winter months can be a difficult time of year for commercial truck drivers. With rough winds, heavy snow, and icy rain, protecting one’s cargo often proves to be a challenge. To prevent goods from being damaged by the elements, most companies invest in roll or side kit tarps that are designed to completely cover open-top trailers. Unfortunately, most products on the market are unable to stand up to general wear and tear, rendering them ineffective after a few years. In order to better assist those who will be transporting cargo this season, Lehman Awning Company offers truck tarp repair and replacement using durable, high-quality materials. This locally owned business not only carries a wide range of truck tarps and accessories—including tarp ropes and straps—but can create custom coverings for the perfect fit. Lehman’s extensive product selection can not only benefit truck drivers throughout Columbus, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; Dover, Ohio; Youngstown, Ohio; and beyond, but individuals in search of the perfect holiday gift for the devout patriot in their family. Continue reading