Drivers from Canton, Ohio, can Count on Lehman Awning Company to Protect Important Loads with Custom Truck Tarps

By Fiona Vernon

Truck drivers depend upon protecting important loads to pay their bills and keep food on the table. They do everything they can to deliver valuable hauls to their destination on time and in great condition. Lehman Awning Company can help anyone from Akron, Ohio, to Youngstown, Ohio, who requires semi-truck coverings to do their job well — regardless if it’s custom truck tarp installation, repair, or tarp accessories, like ropes and straps. They specialize in commercial truck covers, including side kit tarps, oil drilling rig tarps, steel and lumber tarps, and almost anything else that will assist a business from Cleveland, Ohio, to Canton, Ohio, in protecting their assets. Whether a driver needs to stock up on a variety of tarp sizes to have available in the event of an emergency while on the road, or they need a custom fit tarp for the winter, Lehman Awning Company is the only place that they need to call.

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