La Dolce Vita Invites Lakewood, Ohio, & Beyond to Enjoy Opera Night & Humberto Ramirez Live

By Fiona Vernon

Individuals from Parma Heights, Ohio, to South Russell, Ohio, who like to take time out of their busy week to relax in an atmosphere that offers a plethora of Italian wines accompanying a romantic dinner while being entertained will love the experience that La Dolce Vita offers. This restaurant in Little Italy painstakingly prepares fresh handmade pasta using local ingredients and perfect cappuccino to allow their guests to bask in the ambiance that takes them back to an age when time was life’s greatest commodity. People with any musical preference will enjoy this local Italian restaurant’s regular occurrences of Opera Nights or enjoy for a special appearance of Humberto Ramirez live on July 13th. Everyone from Pepper Pike, Ohio, to Lakewood, Ohio, who is looking for authentic Italian cuisine and live performances for their summer evening activities can relax and forget everyday stress at La Dolce Vita.

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