Individuals in Charlotte, North Carolina, Can Tie Their Hardscaping into Their Stone Deck with Silca System

By Fiona Vernon

Summer makes everything lovable, with clear blue skies, balmy sun rays, and the smell of a warm breeze tantalizing one’s senses. From Dallas, Texas, to Minneapolis, Minnesota, an aesthetic outdoor atmosphere contributes to an individual’s love of sitting outdoors, making the moment in their day that they relax one of the times to which they look forward. A homeowner may be sitting on their slate deck in San Francisco, California, very pleased that they chose to transform their wooden deck to a stone deck with the help of Silca System. As they enjoy their serene space, they scan their yard and wonder if it is possible to blend their beautiful new deck with the stairs descending to the cement patio. That is the moment that the idea is conceived on discovering the possibilities of using the recycled plastic grates they used when applying pavers to their deck. As they begin to research, they discover that Silca System can be used to tie hardscapes into decks, and it sparks ideas regarding the additions of a stone porch, roof deck, travertine stairway, slate walkway, and even a stone balcony off their bedroom. An impressive array of possibilities exist in Charlotte, North Carolina, and beyond when wanting to create a stunning and tranquil domain.

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