Second Sole Lyndhurst Suits Up Cleveland, Ohio Runners with Winter Workout Gear

Let’s face it, sooner than later the white stuff will be falling from the skies of Cleveland, Ohio and the rest of Cuyahoga County, Ohio. But as a dedicated runner, a little snow on the ground just means a change of scenery as you run the streets of Lyndhurst, Ohio. After all, running in cold weather means you’ll work harder to finish! And if you happen to be admiring the glistening, diamond-coated trees as you perform your winter exercise through your neighborhood, keep running straight to Second Sole Lyndhurst! There you’ll be able to get the comfortable, stylish winter workout gear you need to continue on with your fitness regimen. Second Sole Lyndhurst is a firm believer that just because winter is on its way, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up the sport you love! In fact, with a little preparation, this season is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the clean, crisp winter chill! That’s why this local shop provides helpful tips for winter training.

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Second Sole’s Mayfield Mile Races Back to Mayfield, Ohio with Olympic Champion, Nate Brannen

The Mayfield Mile is back! Organized by Second Sole Lyndhurst and presented by Newton Running Shoes, the Mayfield Mile returns to Lyndhurst, Ohio and Cleveland Heights, Ohio Saturday September 23, 2012. Olympic Champion, Nate Brannen, the best athletic shoes for runners, and an USATF certified running course come together to provide one of the most exciting experiences for runners in Mayfield, Ohio.

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Second Sole Lyndhurst Offers the Perfect Running Shoe Fit for Your South Euclid, Ohio Feet!

Running is a great form of exercise. It helps to keep you in shape, maintain healthy heart function, and strengthen bones—along with countless other benefits! But if you’re thinking about starting such a fitness regimen, don’t rush out the door just yet! Running may be a good way to improve your health and boost your energy levels, but it can also lead to injury if you aren’t careful. That’s why Second Sole in Lyndhurst, Ohio urges all of their customers in the Cleveland, Ohio and South Euclid, Ohio areas to come in to find their perfect running shoe fit. The knowledgeable employees will assist you by checking your stride and selecting the appropriate footwear. Having the right gear doesn’t just prevent injury, it also aids in developing the proper running form to maximize your workout!

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Visit Second Sole Lyndhurst near Cleveland, Ohio to Save on Montrail and Pearl Izumi Shoes!

Have you taken a peek outside of your Cuyahoga County, Ohio window lately? We may be nearing the end of summer, but the weather is as beautiful as ever! Now is the perfect time to lace up your tennis shoes and head outside for an invigorating run! But, uh-oh! Your footwear has definitely seen better days. It’s hard to enjoy a run when your rubber heel is falling off! Fortunately for you, Second Sole in Lyndhurst, Ohio frequently offers great running shoe deals to Cleveland, Ohio area natives. When you print off your coupon from and stop in to Second Sole Lyndhurst, you can save on Montrail and Pearl Izumi shoes!

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Second Sole Lyndhurst Has Your Cross Country Spikes & Training Shoes Savings in the Cleveland, Ohio Area!

If you’re a cross country runner in the Cleveland, Ohio, then this blog is definitely for you! Second Sole in Lyndhurst, Ohio is celebrating the commencement of cross country season with a slew of sales, promotions, and special events just for you! As you gear up for the coming season, make sure you’re picking up your cross country spikes and cross country training shoes at Second Sole Lyndhurst, and don’t miss their special running clinic at the end of the month!

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Second Sole Lyndhurst Works with PPPF and Cleveland, Ohio Customers to Donate Used Athletic Shoes to Africa

We all accumulate a mess of stuff throughout the years, don’t we? It’s just so difficult to part with old trinkets and clothing! Honestly, when was the last time you sorted through your Cleveland, Ohio home to throw out unnecessary items or take them to Goodwill? A month ago? A year? Don’t feel bad—there’s a little bit of a hoarder in all of us. But instead of falling victim to an overflowing closet, why not do something good with the items you no longer use? Second Sole is currently working to support the Perpetual Prosperity Pumps Foundation (PPPF) in Delaware by giving shoes to charity. Instead of tossing your old workout gear or letting it collect dust, stop by Second Sole in Lyndhurst, Ohio to donate any used athletic shoes you happen to have. Not only are you clearing space in your closet, you’re helping those in need! Continue reading

Stock Up at Second Sole Lyndhurst with Running Shoes & Winter Sports Apparel Specials for Cleveland, Ohio

With the weather warming up and the clouds beginning to dissipate, many of you in Lyndhurst, Ohio and Cleveland, Ohio are starting to put together your summer itinerary. Some of you may be planning a hiking trip to one of the many cave locations we have in Northeast Ohio. Perhaps you’re hoping to travel out of state where you can see new and exciting sights. Or maybe your summer plan is to get in shape by participating in a local marathon event. No matter what you have on your summer agenda, there is one thing that you will surely need—new shoes. But oh, how expensive new shoes can be! Well have no fear, Second Sole Lyndhurst is here! Right now you can save money with running shoes specials and winter sports apparel specials from Second Sole Lyndhurst. If your old shoes have seen better days or you don’t have the appropriate ones for a particular activity, stop by Second Sole Lyndhurst for some great footwear deals!

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Second Sole Lyndhurst Is Ready for Cleveland, Ohio Healthcare Worker Appreciation and the Nike Lunarglide 4

What does Second Sole, home of the best running shoes, in Lyndhurst, Ohio, have in common with all the healthcare professionals in Cleveland, Ohio? They are both attending the Hugs and Scrubs event presented by Kent State University Geauga Campus Regional Academic Center in Twinsburg and Notre Dame College Online! Now, with all those high esteemed educational institutions involved, Second Sole Lyndhurst thought it a wise idea to be a partner! (And, what better way to show healthcare workers appreciation than by offering a more stylish shoe option than clogs, while still caring for your feet: the brand new Nike Lunarglide 4!)

Hugs and Scrubs is a free event, open to the public to celebrate the healthcare industry and to show community support to those who serve us on a daily basis! Join Second Sole in showing healthcare workers appreciation at Legacy Village in Cleveland tomorrow, Thursday June 28th from 3p to 8pm. Continue reading

Second Sole Lyndhurst Has Supplies, Advice, and More for Cleveland, Ohio Area Runners

Who did Cleveland, Ohio area runners go to for supplies, accessories, shoes, apparel, and advice before 1988? Today, you don’t even have to think about where to go, but 25 years ago, Second Sole in Lyndhurst, Ohio had not yet been established. For the past 24 years, Second Sole has taken the lead in all things running and walking related in the Greater Cleveland area, leaving the competition in the dust.

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Second Sole Lyndhurst Brings Mayfield Mile Community Run & Competitive Race to Runners in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County, Ohio

As Elton John would say…The Race is back! (Okay, that’s not quite what he said but…) it’s back! The Mayfield Mile, organized by Second Sole Lyndhurst, presented by Newton Running Shoes, is back on track and scheduled for Sunday, June 3rd, in Lyndhurst, Ohio. If you are a runner from Cleveland, Ohio, or surrounding Cuyahoga County, Ohio looking for a community run or a competitive race, then it is time to give all your fellow athletes a call and invite them to participate in the Mayfield Mile run! Second Sole has everything you need for the race, including Mayfield Mile run information!

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