Women in Leadership: A. Stucki Company Advances the Railroad Industry

By Fiona Vernon

For various reasons, it has taken time for women to enter into certain industries. It could be lack of desire. It could be that it was too intimidating. Associations and rallies have risen from Washington, DC, to Los Angeles, California, to support the growth of women in every aspect of life, and the railroad industry is no different. The League of Railway Women and the women’s networking groups from most railway companies are alliances that help recruit women. Society has raised boys to be interested in trains and locomotives with them traditionally being around the Christmas tree, but women engineers have an interest in rail mechanical services, contract manufacturing work, and equipment as well — including track material and fueling, custom rail orders and locomotive repair, cleaning services, rebuilds, and repair. A. Stucki Company and its subsidiaries are focused on the advancement of all individuals, such as the atypical female laborer involved in everything from locomotive services to parts assembly.

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