Lyons Photography in Akron Offers On-Site Photography for Reunions, Anniversaries, and More!

Lyons_LogoBy Fiona Vernon

Since its invention, photography has played an important role in the lives of many individuals in the Canton area and beyond. Through photographs, people, places, things, events and more can be preserved for future generations. Not only this, but photographs have a way of keeping the memory of certain moments fresh for those that lived them. Today, digital cameras and cell phones allow anyone to be able to take a photograph.

Unfortunately, the materials used to print these photographs are often low grade and will degrade faster over time than those used by a professional photography studio. Furthermore, the cameras clarity, lighting used, and many other factors could lessen the overall appearance of the photo taken. Due to an inability to gather everyone to a local photography studio, however, obtaining the professional photographer services needed to preserve a special event in Hudson or the surrounding area is not always possible.

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