Residents of Cleveland, Ohio, Love Dining at La Dolce Vita for the Addictively Fresh Cooked Pasta

By Fiona Vernon

The evening is upon the residents of Cleveland, Ohio, and stomachs are beginning to rumble with dinner on the horizon. If one wants to take their family out for a treat, then this local Italian restaurant is the perfect place. Being a restaurant that uses local and organic ingredients, La Dolce Vita is the perfect family friendly venue that offers a wide variety of authentic Italian cuisine that everyone will enjoy. The people living in and around Maple Heights, Ohio, are thrilled to have access to this restaurant and bistro that is devoted to providing a relaxed and happy atmosphere for everything from eight course dinners to a delicious cup of coffee. With the option of fresh cooked pasta available in their Lenten specials, people from Parma, Ohio, to Lakewood, Ohio, are lining up around the block to eat some quality food and drink delicious Italian wines. Not only does this restaurant create an incredible and authentic atmosphere, but it is the perfect place to host a romantic dinner with a loved one. If that isn’t enough to draw an individual to this fine establishment, which has been in operation since 1914, then the promise of the next opera night is sure to draw one in!

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