DeVitis Italian Deli & Market for the Best Italian Foods to Stark County, Summit County, and Portage County, Ohio

Have you ever had an intense craving for authentic Italian foods? And definitely not the kind of chewy spaghetti and watery sauce you get at some restaurants and grocers. Oh no! If you’re like the majority of people who love Italian food, you’ve had a desire for traditional Italian lasagna—made with thick pasta, gooey cheese, rich sauce, and spicy meat. Simply mouthwatering! Unfortunately it can be tough to find a place in the Stark County, Ohio; Summit County, Ohio; or Portage County, Ohio area that serves such delicacies. So what do you do when you have one of these overwhelming cravings? Settle for one of the big chain restaurants that serve “traditional” Italian dishes or hit the prepared foods counter or freezer section at the nearest grocery store? No way! You take a trip over to DeVitis Italian Deli & Market in Akron, Ohio! With a huge variety of deli meats and cheeses, authentic Italian foods, daily lunch specials and more, DeVitis Italian Deli & Market is the place to go to cure your longing for Italian! Continue reading