Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Helps You Recharge with Healing Sleep in Massillon and North Canton, Ohio

Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine in Canton, Ohio works with patients in Massillon, Ohio, North Canton, Ohio, and throughout the Stark County, Ohio area to improve their day-to-day living by helping them to overcome sleep issues and achieve healing, restorative sleep.

Have you had to call technical support for your computer? If you have, you know the first thing they’re going to ask you, right? “Have you tried turning it off, and then turning it back on again?” And it’s not just computers. As soon as something with a rechargeable battery or a motor begins to malfunction—television, cell phone, even our cars—the first thing we do is turn it off and turn it back on. What’s really funny about that is how often it actually works! So, why is that? Well, it’s kind of like hitting the reset button. In fact, sometimes, it’s literally a matter of hitting a reset button. When you reset, restart, turn off and back on, it’s a way of allowing the device to take a momentary break from all of those background processes, and start fresh (and hopefully, correctly). But, did you know that the human body has its own kind of reset button? It’s your sleep cycle, and Dr. John T. Given and the staff at Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine want to make sure that yours is the best it can be. Continue reading