Get ECCO Strobe Lights for Your Truck from Evans Supply near Canton, Ohio

It’s hard to believe that not too long ago, those of us around the Wooster, Ohio and Ravenna, Ohio areas were eagerly awaiting the start of summer. Now the season has already come and gone! Unfortunately, that means that fall will undoubtedly pass by just as quickly, giving way to the harsh winter we so often experience in our region. With that being said, now is a good time to purchase all of the supplies you’ll need for this coming season, especially if your business uses commercial equipment. Luckily for city employees, landscapers, construction workers, and other contractors, Evans Supply currently has a number of useful tools in stock, including LED strobe lights, salt spreaders, and snow plows. As an authorized dealer of ECCO strobe lights, Evans Supply can provide you with the high-quality flashing beacons you need to keep yourself and the community safe while performing street and landscape maintenance this winter. And as an added bonus, this locally owned retailer near Canton, Ohio has some impressive deals on other products that you’ll definitely want to take advantage of.

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