Evans Supply near Canton, Ohio Will Be Adding Sqwincher Sports Drinks to Their Inventory

Evans Supply_Sqwincher Products


Whether you’re a contractor who spends the majority of his time outside in the glaring sun, or just a homeowner who plans to do some outdoor maintenance over the coming months, chances are you may be looking for a hydration product that can quench your thirst as you work. In that case, you’ll be pleased to learn that Evan’s Supply will be increasing their already extensive inventory by adding Sqwincher QwikServs™ and Quik Stiks™ to their shelves. Though this local establishment may be primarily known for having the best selection of landscaping and construction equipment in the greater Canton, Ohio area, they’re taking it a step further by offering a line of sports drinks specifically designed to deliver rehydration for the toughest of work conditions. Since the temperatures will only get higher as the season progresses, taking the trip from your Massillon, Ohio or Green, Ohio home to this commercial tool shop will allow you to purchase the beverage you need to stay cool and replenish your electrolytes.

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Check out the Ames True Temper® Line at Evans Supply near Canal Fulton, Ohio


Though we may have had a few setbacks, it’s safe to say that spring is here to stay. Now that the weather is a little more agreeable, you may want to take this opportunity to get started on a home improvement project—cleaning up your Navarre, Ohio or Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio yard, for example. Chances are this past winter did a number on your lawn and the plants surrounding your property. If you plan on doing any type of landscaping this season, you need to have a few basic hand tools in your shed to get the job done right. Fortunately for you, Evans Supply near Canal Fulton, Ohio just happens to carry the Ames True Temper® line. Featuring shovels, rakes, cultivators, wheelbarrows, and more, this particular brand of lawn and garden equipment includes everything a homeowner like yourself may require for spring maintenance.

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Head to Evans Supply near Green, Ohio for Meyer Snow Plow Sales and Repair

Though the winter weather is finally starting to wind down, we’re sure to receive plenty of snow before the spring season actually begins. With that in mind, you may want to take this opportunity to purchase some new snow management equipment for your Massillon, Ohio or Alliance, Ohio business. After all, you may receive a few more calls requesting your snow removal service, and the last thing you want is to have to turn down a job because your current equipment is out of commission. Thankfully, you don’t have to travel far for snow plow sales and repair as Evans Supply is an authorized Meyer dealer. This local business near Green, Ohio has a wide range of commercial Meyer snow plows available, and can perform any repair work your Meyer plow may require.

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Clear a Path This Winter with a Sno-Way Snow Plow from Evans Supply in Stark County, Ohio

Though winter may be coming to an end, chances are we’ll experience at least a few more snowstorms before spring finally makes its appearance. With that being said, now is definitely not the time to put away your snow removal equipment; in fact, if you’ve been thinking about purchasing a new truck plow, you may want to do it sooner rather than later. Having commercial-grade snow equipment that your team can rely on is undoubtedly important to your Canton, Ohio or Green, Ohio business. The last thing you want is to find yourself without a sturdy plow when there’s a blizzard coming your way. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about such a situation if you take this opportunity to visit Evans Supply. Not only does this Stark County, Ohio retailer still have a number of snow plows left for sale, but they carry high-quality products like Sno-Way snow plows.

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Purchase a Honda Generator for Your Bolivar, Ohio-Based Construction Crew at Evans Supply

For contractors, having a reliable source of power is a must. Since electricity is not readily available at every construction site, most contractors opt to invest in their own power equipment. One good example? Portable commercial generators that have enough juice to last an entire workday. Though there may be a number of generators for sale around the New Philadelphia, Ohio; Dover, Ohio; and Bolivar, Ohio areas, most professionals will agree that Honda generators are the #1 choice for those in the construction industry. To ensure that you receive a genuine Honda product in excellent condition, it’s in your best interest to visit an authorized Honda distributor rather than just any nearby retailer. Fortunately for you, Evans Supply happens to be a certified dealer of Honda equipment. With a short trip to their storefront, you can get advice from their experienced sales staff to help you determine which of their generators will best fit your needs.

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Stay Warm This Season with Winter Protection Clothing from Evans Supply in North Canton, Ohio

Hi Vis Workman Knit Hat

Regardless of what industry you may belong to, working out in the field leaves you exposed to the elements. Those throughout the Canton, Ohio; Wooster, Ohio; and Navarre, Ohio areas are especially vulnerable to the cold winter weather that’s so common around this region. Whether you’re used to the chill of Ohio winters or not, it’s definitely in your best interest to upgrade your work apparel this season. Even if you have heavy-duty clothing for your job, chances are it’s not sufficiently insulated to fight off the low temperatures we’re expected to receive this winter. Fortunately for you, Evans Supply in North Canton, Ohio recently added winter protection clothing to their already extensive inventory. With a wide assortment of all-weather and high-visibility products now available, Evans Supply is sure to have just what you need to stay safe and warm while working outdoors this season. And since their new selection includes Seirus Innovation hats, jackets, gloves, and face masks, you can feel confident that any item you purchase will last for years to come.

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Clear the Roads This Winter with a SnowDogg Snow Plow from Evans Supply in North Canton, Ohio


Whether the snow plow trucks don’t bother coming down the street toward your Massillon, Ohio home, or the main service your Wooster, Ohio business provides is snow and ice removal, you may find yourself in need of a high-quality snow plow this winter. Unfortunately, locating a retailer in the greater Canton, Ohio area that offers such snow removal equipment may be a bit harder than you originally anticipated. Most dealers that carry light and heavy-duty plows offer little in the way of variety, so it’s difficult to find an attachment that will fit your truck and budget. Luckily, there’s Evans Supply. With their line of SnowDogg snow plows, this North Canton, Ohio retailer can offer you a wide range of options not available at other establishments.

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Get ECCO Strobe Lights for Your Truck from Evans Supply near Canton, Ohio

It’s hard to believe that not too long ago, those of us around the Wooster, Ohio and Ravenna, Ohio areas were eagerly awaiting the start of summer. Now the season has already come and gone! Unfortunately, that means that fall will undoubtedly pass by just as quickly, giving way to the harsh winter we so often experience in our region. With that being said, now is a good time to purchase all of the supplies you’ll need for this coming season, especially if your business uses commercial equipment. Luckily for city employees, landscapers, construction workers, and other contractors, Evans Supply currently has a number of useful tools in stock, including LED strobe lights, salt spreaders, and snow plows. As an authorized dealer of ECCO strobe lights, Evans Supply can provide you with the high-quality flashing beacons you need to keep yourself and the community safe while performing street and landscape maintenance this winter. And as an added bonus, this locally owned retailer near Canton, Ohio has some impressive deals on other products that you’ll definitely want to take advantage of.

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Evans Supply near Akron Encourages Snow Removal Equipment Maintenance Before Winter

Although the cold weather has not yet arrived to the Akron, Ohio area, it’s always important to be prepared—especially if you provide snow removal services. One way in which you can be prepared for the upcoming winter season is to perform a type of snow removal equipment maintenance on your winter service vehicle. After all, properly functioning equipment is key to safely and efficiently removing snow and ice in the Dover, Ohio area. If your equipment is beginning to look a little worn down and in need of replacement, consider investing in a name brand snow plow from Evans Supply.  With one of their mounted SnowDogg snow plows, you’ll be able to complete the snow removal tasks you’re contracted to perform in the Massillon, Ohio or Wooster, Ohio area.

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Find Name Brand Ladder Racks, Tool Boxes, and More at Evans Supply near Canton, Ohio!

When you’re travelling to your next work site in the Alliance, Ohio area, it’s important to make sure you have all of the equipment you need with you—especially if you’re travelling a long distance! However, an unorganized vehicle and lack of proper equipment storage can prevent you from being able to keep track of the tools and equipment you need to adequately complete a work task. If you’re looking to improve your work vehicle through organization, pay a visit to Evans Supply in Canton, Ohio. Here, you can find a variety of affordable tool boxes –including truck cross boxes— by Weather Guard to help make transporting your tools and equipment easier. Furthermore, these tool boxes will allow you to stay properly organized during your travels. Some of the other Weather Guard products Evans Supply offers include name brand ladder racks, van storage solutions, and much more! Do you know which one of these products is right for your Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio or Akron, Ohio work vehicle?

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