Interested in Bi-Fuel Conversion? Visit CNG Pitstop and Transform Your Detroit, Michigan Vehicle Today

These days, we’re all interested to learn about new ways we can lower our fuel costs. With gas being upwards of $4.00/gallon in some states, daily commutes are becoming more and more expensive. And then there’s the small matter of pollution from using gasoline to power our vehicles… Since you would undoubtedly prefer an affordable, eco-friendly alternative to regular gasoline, you may have already looked into bi-fuel conversion. However, locating a company that not only offers CNG conversion kits, but performs CNG system installation isn’t as easy as one would hope. Few, if any places around Hudson, Ohio; Streetsboro, Ohio; or Aurora, Ohio have the equipment and training necessary to properly handle compressed natural gas, which makes it difficult for you to get a CNG tank replacement without risking your own safety. Fortunately, you don’t have to look too far to find a business that can offer such products and services; in fact, drivers from as far as Detroit, Michigan can obtain the help they need just from visiting the website for CNG Pitstop. Continue reading