Fort Laurens Antiques Trading Company Has Classic Marx Toys Available at Their Bolivar, Ohio Location

When entering Fort Laurens Antiques Trading Company in Bolivar, Ohio, you’ll be taken away by memories of the past. How many of the items available do you remember owning as a child or do you remember your own parents owning? Any time you visit Fort Laurens Antiques Trading Company, you’re sure to find a new treasure. Do you remember your first classic Marx toy? Whether it was a tin toy or what is now considered an antique plastic toy, you remember the endless hours of fun you had with that item. Now you can relive those amazing memories by rediscovering the works of Louis Marx at Fort Laurens Antiques! Come in to visit today to view the extensive collection of Marx toys to add to your toy collection. Regardless of whether you live in Magnolia, Ohio or Dover, Ohio, you’re sure to find something to enliven your collection and help maintain another memory of ages past.

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