Get Flatbed Towing Service for Your Show Car from Lloyd’s Towing of Medina, Ohio

With blue skies, warm air and sunshine, summer is the perfect time of year to hold car shows around the Medina, Ohio area. Hundreds of automobile enthusiasts look forward to this season every year, impatiently awaiting the arrival of beautiful show cars that have been safely hidden away all winter. Whether this is your first event or you’re a seasoned veteran of the car show world, you’re probably looking forward to unveiling your beloved vehicle to the masses. Unfortunately, you may hit a snag if your car is currently stuck in storage. Since many owners prefer not to drive such vehicles after going to great lengths to restore them, flatbed towing services are often used. And lucky for you, Lloyd’s Towing offers classic car towing to owners throughout the Brunswick, Ohio and Lafayette, Ohio areas. Using a gentle hand and low profile car ramp, Lloyd’s vintage car towing service will allow you to transport your vehicle to summer car shows without risking damage.

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