Cinder Nixon: a Canton, Ohio Queen of a Cat

Cinder Nixon, Canton, Ohio queen

Cinder liked to nap in an antique cradle with a handmade quilt and dolls

Cinder NixonCanton, Ohio

Cinder Nixon was a barn cat, born just outside of Canton, Ohio. She was adopted into the Nixon family as a small, lonely kitten—the last of her litter to find a home. Humble beginnings aside, she quickly became the queen of the Nixon household.

She would have likely been considered a Domestic Longhair, but at home, she was just their beautiful mixed-breed kitten.

Her name, Cinder, came from her light grey coloring and her resemblance to the ashes in the hearth. In the 14+ years that she was part of the family, one extended family member never managed to get her name quite right, and always called her “Cinders.” And though her name was not meant to draw comparisons to the Cinderella story, it was certainly applicable. Like Cinderella, Cinder Nixon went from an unkempt birthplace where she was largely overlooked, to a warm and loving home in Canton where she (liked to think that she) was in charge, and ruled as queen over her humans. Continue reading