Need a New Fundraising Idea for Your Cincinnati, Ohio Organization? Contact Nom Nom Popcorn Company!

If you’re part of any organization that depends on the charitable donations of others, then you know how difficult it can be to get the funds you need for supplies, trips and other expenses. While fundraising is a great idea in theory, most of the opportunities that are available to organizations like your own aren’t very profitable. However, if your Cincinnati, Ohio school, Columbus, Ohio church, or Dayton, Ohio sports team is looking for a new fundraising idea, you may be interested to learn that Nom Nom Popcorn Company recently introduced a new fundraising website that allows you sell popcorn gift baskets without having to go door to door! As far as school, church and sports fundraisers go, you’ll find that offering delicious, gourmet popcorn tins to friends, family, coworkers and community members is a great way to raise the money your organization needs.

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