The Silent Mind Offers Tai Chi Classes to Twinsburg, Ohio Locals Looking for Low Impact Exercise

If you’ve ever seen Tai Chi Chuan on TV or in real life, you know that this unique Chinese exercise and martial art form is quite a sight to behold. In Tai Chi, the body moves effortlessly while performing a sequence of movements, working in conjunction with the breath, using qigong breathing techniques—all of which help students feel more relaxed and calm after practice. This low impact exercise is as calming to do as it is to watch. In order to reap the benefits of Tai Chi, you must find a teacher who has the in-depth knowledge and ability to teach.  Fortunately for residents of the nearby Northfield, Ohio and Macedonia, Ohio areas, Tim Loomis of The Silent Mind offers Tai Chi classes to help students practice proper breathing techniques, improve balance and flexibility, relax the mind, and even learn how to use this form as self-defense. Why not see how the soft style martial art taught at this Twinsburg, Ohio studio can assist you in becoming stronger, healthier, and more centered?

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