Enjoy a Night out at Lodi, Ohio’s Premier Sports Bar—Moxies Bar & Grille

We all need a night out every once in a while, whether it’s to unwind after a particularly hectic day at work or just to take a break from cooking. And while Lodi, Ohio may be a small town, there are still a few options for those who simply want to partake in a cold beer and a hot, juicy burger. The best choice for anyone wanting to get out, kick back and relax in a restaurant with entertainment? Moxies Bar & Grille. Bringing in local residents from Medina, Ohio to Seville, Ohio for good food and fun, this nearby sports bar offers everything a weary worker could need after a long day at the office. Moxies Bar & Grille even has a catering service available for party hosts and hostesses who want to give their guests the same tasty treats that Moxies’ patrons love so much!

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