Update Your Northeast Ohio Home with Energy Saving Windows and Doors from America First Inc!

America First_LogoAs the temperatures begin to drop, the need to use your Northeast Ohio home’s heating system becomes necessary to stay warm. Unfortunately, frequent use of your Summit County, Ohio home’s heating system can lead to higher energy bills. If you have older windows or doors installed in your current residence, these energy bills can be even higher! With a record breaking winter predicted for the region, now is the perfect time to start upgrading your Portage County, Ohio area home’s windows and doors with more energy efficient replacements. For example: drafty old doors and windows can allow the cold air to continuously seep into your home, making your furnace work harder. In turn, this can cause a rise in your energy costs.

Knowing this, contact the professionals of America First Inc to have the energy saving windows and energy efficient doors your Cuyahoga County, Ohio home needs installed properly. Do you just need a couple damaged windows replaced in your home? America First Inc also offers the installation of several types of quality replacement windows to keep your home looking beautiful while eliminating that draft your damaged windows caused. Their affordable insulation services can also help lower your heating costs this winter!

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Lower Heating Costs in Your Akron Home with Energy Efficient Windows from America First Inc!

America First_LogoAlthough the cold weather has yet to settle into the Northeast Ohio region –including Alliance, Ohio and Chagrin Falls, Ohio–many homeowners are already looking for ways to make their home more energy efficient. Unfortunately, putting up plastic around your windows and tucking towels around your doorways is not an efficient way to lower your heating bills year after year. If you’re ready to invest in a more permanent way to help reduce your home’s energy costs this winter, contact America First Inc in Ravenna, Ohio.

For years, their experienced contractors have been helping individuals improve their home’s energy efficiency though quality products and home renovations. Some of these products include energy efficient windows and high efficiency doors designed to fit your home’s current spacing. Does your attic space lack insulation? In order to help make your Akron, Ohio residence more energy efficient this winter, consider investing in home insulation services from America First Inc alongside their other energy saving products.

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America First Inc –Located in Portage County—Offers Installation on Hardwood Flooring and More!

America First_LogoAlthough many of us pay little attention to the flooring of our home, we do tend to notice when it is looking dirty or worn down. In areas with high foot traffic – including your living room, stairs, and hallways—this flooring can being to wear down even faster. Wouldn’t it be nice to have new flooring installed in your Akron, Ohio or Canton, Ohio residence? Instead of trying to cover up stained or damaged flooring in your home with rugs or furniture, contact America First Inc of Portage County, Ohio to replace it. With years of experience in the industry, these expert contractors can install the ceramic tile, vinyl, hardwood, or laminate flooring you want for your Cleveland, Ohio residence quickly and efficiently. Continue reading

Make Your Home More Accessible with Home Remodeling Services from America First Inc!

America First_LogoWhile the weather is still warm, many in the Northeast Ohio region are planning to remodel the two main areas of their home: their kitchen and their bathroom. Although many remodel these areas of their residence for aesthetics, others remodel these areas for function—especially if they need these areas to be made more handicap accessible. Whether you need a more handicap accessible home or are just planning a basic renovation for your kitchen or bathroom, America First Inc is the company to call.

For years, these professional contractors from Portage County, Ohio have been providing quality home remodeling services to property owners across the region. As part of these services, America First Inc is dedicated to working with seniors, veterans, and those with handicaps to create a more functional residence. Have you found your Lake County, Ohio or Medina County, Ohio residence in need of a more accessible kitchen layout? If so, know that the professionals of America First Inc would be happy to work with you to create a kitchen layout that is as accessible as it is functional for your day-to-day needs. If your residence is in need of a more accessible home bathroom – or you’d just like to add a walk-in bathtub—know that America First Inc can assist with that as well!

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Update Your Portage County, Ohio Residence with a 3 Seasons Room from America First Inc!

America First_LogoIf you have a large amount of space in your Geauga County, Ohio home’s backyard, you may be wondering how to make it more livable. Although you could grill and use your lawn furniture in the yard, it’s often easier to have them on a more solid surface. In order to provide your backyard with a more livable space where you can enjoy grilling, spending time with friends, and taking in the nice summer weather, consider investing in deck construction services from America First Inc. With years of experience in the industry, these professional contractors can create a deck that compliments your home and serves the function you need it to. Some deck types you may want to consider for your Summit County, Ohio or Stark County, Ohio residence this season include:

  • Platform Decks
  • Raised Decks
  • Two-Story Decks
  • Multilevel Decks
  • Freestanding Decks
  • Enclosed Decks
  • And More!

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America First Inc Proudly Performs Home Accessibility Modifications for Homes Across Northeast Ohio

Whether you’re interested in a new room addition for your Akron, Ohio residence or you’d like to improve the handicap accessibility of your apartment complex, you want to hire a contractor you can trust. Do you know who to call? If you’re looking to update your home or multi-dwelling units this coming season, make America First Inc your first call. For years, America First Inc has been providing homeowners and commercial residency owners in the Northeast Ohio region with the home remodeling services they need to properly update their homes.  Although this residential remodeling company in Ravenna, Ohio performs a variety of quality services, they’re most passionate about performing home accessibility modifications. Through these modifications, individuals in Portage County, Ohio and beyond are able to have a more accessible home to live in for as long as they desire.

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Increase Handicap Accessibility in Your Hudson, Ohio Home with Help from America First Inc.

Modifying a house in order to accommodate a family member in a wheelchair is no easy task. In addition to building a wheelchair ramp leading up to your Hudson, Ohio or Stow, Ohio home, you also need to consider the interior layout and how it too can be improved. Fortunately, this is not a project that you have to take on yourself—not when America First Inc. is available to help. Though this team of general contractors offers a wide range of home remodeling services, they’re uniquely qualified to assist in increasing the handicap accessibility of your home, including adding walk-in baths to one or more restrooms. As America First Inc. has renovated countless homes throughout the Solon, Ohio and Twinsburg, Ohio areas, you can look forward to receiving the best design and construction work possible. Continue reading