Auto Techs from California to Ohio Can Contact Network Tool Warehouse for Sunex Tools’ Impact Socket Sets

By Fiona Vernon

Everyone from California to Pennsylvania knows that not taking their job seriously results in loss of income, and finances can be one of the biggest stressors in anyone’s life. Sunex Tools takes the jobs of auto technicians everywhere seriously and design their tools with them in mind. They have expert product developers on hand to ensure their products are built with durability and performance, resulting in the highest level of quality and value with unbeatable warranties. Network Tool Warehouse is an authorized dealer of Sunex Tools, who built their business on impact socket sets and is the industry leader of individual sockets. For 40 years, they have developed and manufactured innovative automotive shop equipment to serve the aftermarket, as well as industrial and commercial segments. As the decades have passed, they have expanded their line with the addition of hand tools, air tools, hydraulic presses, and more. Their products range from electric presses to impact wrenches and O-rings. Auto techs from Ohio to Florida can view the NTXtool reviews to witness the newly-managed company being one of the leading providers of automotive, industrial, and DIY tools in the nation with their quality, value, service, and competitive prices!

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