Make Great Trail Golf Course in Minerva, Ohio Your Summer Golfing Destination

greattrailgolfcourse_logoishThere are a number of golf leagues and individual athletes around the Northeast Ohio region, which means that public golf courses throughout Carroll County, Ohio; Columbiana County, Ohio; and Stark County, Ohio will soon be packed with people wanting to participate in their favorite game. If you need a venue for your upcoming golf event, or you’d simply like to schedule an early tee time for your group, you may want to take this opportunity to select a new summer golfing spot. Perhaps a local establishment with lush grass, rolling hills, and 27-hole golf… Though it may seem hard to believe, such a place does exist, and it’s not far from your own home! Great Trail Golf Course in Minerva, Ohio has everything a golfer could want, making it the perfect course to visit this season.

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