Lloyd’s Towing Has Helped Many Westfield, Ohio Visitors with Emergency Towing Service

Now that Mother Nature has welcomed winter to Ohio, are you prepared for winter driving? Sure, you have placed extra blankets in your vehicle, thrown a couple bottles of water in the car, made sure the emergency road side kit was up to date, but did you program one very important number into your cell phone? Lloyd’s Towing in Medina, Ohio wants you to take out your cell phone this very minute and program their emergency towing service number into it! Under your contacts, type in Lloyd’s Towing and program 330.725.6330! Now you are truly prepared for what winter has in store. But don’t just stop there—grab everyone’s cell phone in your Seville, Ohio or Westfield, Ohio home and program Lloyd’s number!  You may never know just who will need the number or when you will need a professional towing company. Below are just a few examples of how Lloyd’s Towing has saved the day with their 24 hour towing!

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