Anyone in Independence, Ohio, Can Call WSC Construction & Restoration for Drying Out Their Home After a Flood

By Fiona Vernon

You’re never ready when disaster strikes…But We Are!

Spring is notoriously the time of year that individuals associate with new life and regrowth of everything in nature. It is also the season that many people associate with excessive rain and flooding. Whether the spring thaw has overloaded a home’s sump pump and caused a basement flood in Fairlawn, Ohio, or a surprise spring storm in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, has pummeled the area with so much rain that it seeps through a home’s walls and foundation, WSC Construction and Restoration offers water restoration and mold remediation. Many individuals believe that they are capable of drying out their own home after a flood; however, there is a timeframe in which they must work to avoid mold growth and the need mold remediation in the future. This local disaster restoration company not only provides 24-hour restoration services from Independence, Ohio, to Green, Ohio, but also fire restoration and home improvement financing for flood, fire, and mold damage repair. WSC Construction and Restoration will also assist in dealing with someone’s insurance company, so they are the only call a flood victim needs to make for the timely cleanup that will prevent further damage.

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